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Your aura. (490)
Based on the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.
Your magic smells like... (269)
What scents would your magic give off in the Toby Daye universe?
Which Cosmere Character are you? (138)
Find out which character within Brandon Sanderson's vast Comsere!
Are you a good WisteriaClan Cat? (106)
Are you good enough for Sprucestar? Find out.
ur emotional support warriors cat (104)
ever wanted to know who your emotional support warriors cat is? wonder no more bc here you are
Who would be your PJO girlfriend? (96)
Book Title Generator (85)
Randomized Book Titles for others to use! [Please not that all of this is completely randomized so ...
Your Newbery Medal Book. (77)
Will give you the book title and your medal. :D
Your life in the FAYZ (33)
Your life, and possible death in the FAYZ. Gone by Michael Grant.
What Roman Garstang character are you? (11)
OmFlIpPiNgG -Rosie Taylor 2017
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