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who has beef with you in bts? (768)
this quiz will tell you who has twitter beef with you... good luck.
0 bts by @UGHL1NE
Bts Future Husband (37)
idk who you'll get but just to remind. Taehyung is mine hshshshs
what bts friendship are you part of ? (30)
+ how did you meet them?
Which BTS member r u? (73)
find out which bts member you are!
BTS World affinity (135)
Your BTS World Fortune (607)
Future with BTS (392)
So who exactly 𝑎𝑟𝑒 the members to you?
Which BTS member will be your bestfriend... (239)
There's no such thing as a bad outcome ( ˘ ³˘)♥
who is my bts soulmate? (248)
just.. your bts soulmate
who is your kpop leader soulmate (2,793)
dhita (10)
how compatible are you with bts? (734)
You Become an Idol (560)
Your life become a successfull idol....
You & BTS (1,879)
BTS in your life.....
How big of an Army are you? (231)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-115 to generate the user's "ARMY Score."
Bts ivkgybb (45)
which kpop idol would fight you? (18,584)
and would you win?
Ratatata (31)
Min.D (10)
I hate human. And i'm gay
BTS Random Life (270)
What's your BTS life?
Upside down with BanGtaN (88)
Vsiskanaya (1)
Ganastevileoni (1)
A mom
tae.sbaby (18)
which bts ship are you? (8,585)
find out which bts ship correlates with your name
who is your bts fam? (157)
find out which bts fam u r part of lol
bts Boys (333)
I love bts
what bts ship would you be with your s/o (3,092)
get to know which ship of bts are you with your s/o (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
BTS as your classmates! (303)
BTS as your classmates.
What BTS comeback are you? (539)
What BTS comeback are you? 🤔🤔
which kpop idol would be your enemy? (32,844)
ever wondered which idols you WOULDN'T get along with? find out here! includes a variety of bot...
what type of ARMY are you?
Fantasy world with BTS? (593)
If you transmigrated into a fantasy world with a member of BTS, what would it look like? Heres your ...
Which BT21 character is you?! (380)
Bt21 is so cute (*’(OO)’*)
What&039;s your BTS name?! (318)
Get your BTS name (💜▽💜)💜💜
Which BTS member do you top/bottom for? (7,952)
BTS as your brothers (622)
What's your role in the Bangtan family? What do yhe boys think about you? Find out with a simpl...
What BTS song are you?? (316)
Including Mixtapes & Solo songs Updated: D-2 & Eight
bts as coffee shop coworkers (344)
you all work at a coffee shop. this is how it goes.
u & bts in the apocalypse (364)
what do u get up to in a nuclear bunker...?
What BTS song describes your 2020? (15,278)
Will you be an IDOL this year, or will you end up setting FIRE all year round?
Your Bts fortune (498)
Y/n is that you
What bts wants to do with you~ (naughty) (637)
What does bangtan want do to you y/n
Kpop Stan or Furry? (466)
Are you a secret kpop stan? Or do you moonlight as a furry?
which kpop idol is gonna kill u (1,202)
welp ur dead ig
Your relationship with bts as your roomm... (1,002)
Who is your BFF? who is your crush? who is in love with you? Just put your name and find out in one ...
A day with an idol (7,651)
Its a beautiful day, lets find out how you will spend it & with who.
A kpop song to listen to (723)
Play this quiz for a random kpop song to stream.
What is it (41)
I dunnu what happend
0 Bts by @sulsulki
Your kpop stan twt life (4,834)
Your life on kpop stan twitter.
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