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1. Your life with BTS (33,953)
Who will you marry?
2. Who Is Your Child and Husband?? (30,696)
Husband-EXO Child:BTS
3. I Married a Bangtan Boy (17,790)
The story of you and your BTS husband.
4. Your future BTS boyfriend (13,040)
Which member will fall for you?
5. married with bts (11,133)
With bts oppa
6. Who&039;s your soulmate ? EXO / BTS (11,008)
Who's your soulmate ? @-@ In BTS & EXO
7. Who&039;s your BTS future husband (10,664)
You wondered who's your BTS future husband? Let's check it out. Good luck
8. who likes you (kpop males)? (9,838)
which kpop male members like you. one from each group.
9. date with bangtan (9,462)
[Rated R] who ? where ? how ?
10. BTS as lovers (8,514)
11. BTS: Going On A Date (8,324)
What will happen with your own Bangtan Boy when you go on a date?
12. who is bts to you? (6,827)
relationships in bts
13. bangtan fmk (6,532)
just do it nerd
14. how bts would react if they met you (5,784)
how bts would act if they met you
2 bts
15. BTS lovers (5,763)
Who is your lover from bts?
2 BTS Kpop
16. how do you meet your ult? (5,646)
scenarios for meeting your ult bias
17. BTS CIRCLE (5,391)
Let's see your BTS boyfriend... Hope you get you bias. Hwaiting...!!
1 BTS by @sna_0407
18. bangtan wiggle wiggles (4,759)
You wake up next to a Bangtan member.
19. Who&039;s in BTS will love you? (4,215)
Who's in BTS will love you and what will happen if someone from them are jealous and who.
20. How You Met A Bangtan&039;s Member (3,925)
How do you meet him? Where do you meet him? When do you meet him? check your result here!
21. which bts song are you (3,562)
what bangtan song are you
0 bts
22. When BTS wants you (3,293)
You know you want BTS :3
23. gay boyscouts (3,150)
24. Sweet bangtan time (2,970)
Sweet scenarios with BTS.
25. If Bangtan meet you (2,833)
What will happen?
26. who is got7 to you? (2,795)
got7 relationships
27. [BTS] husband (2,297)
You can know, who your husband in BTS
28. how much of bts are u (2,249)
dont take this seriously
29. bts and you (2,098)
Bangtan with u
30. KPOP Idol Domination ❤ (1,950)
Get dominated by your favourite stars!
31. who is your bts otp :) (1,747)
i wonder
32. BTS horny scenarios (1,700)
When BTS gets horny...Contains rated language!
3 bts
33. Bangtan sexy timezzzzz (1,409)
bangtan n u getting friskay
34. Who are your top 2 kpop matches? (1,330)
35. Dating BTS (1,317)
Cute dating scenarios
0 Bts
36. bts boyfriend (785)
who is your bts boyfriend
37. Which Amry Member Are You? (654)
Amry are my fave hoes of sweet potatoes :))))
38. قصتك مع بانقتان (388)
ما تندلي واعمليلي لايكات علي اكونتي U_U
0 bts
39. Your Kpop Husband 2 (255)
Includes members from BTS, EXO, Seventeen, Got7, and Bigbang
40. BTS Classroom (63)
You're in a class with BTS! What will happen?
41. bts life stats (45)
determine what your life would be like in an alternate universe where all of y'all know bangtan...
42. How you met bts members (20)
the title is literally the description
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