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kink test (it works) (281)
400% accurate****u
Revue Starlight RE:LIVE OC Generator (711)
just for fun
Your BNHA Quirk type and a little bit ab... (75)
Learn what your quirk would have, or if you'd be quirkless.
Your True Black Clover Magic Affinity (28)
This Diagnosiser will takes the magic affinitys from the wiki at give you one of them.
Red Ride (5)
going fast
Dragonoid Character Generator (136)
Find your inner dragon! Or y'know, make an OC
What kind of weapon will you be in Soul ... (162)
What description, the question itself already describes this.
Owari no Seraph Scenario 2 (30)
yES i wanted to make another one, leave me alone ;_;
Mortal Artic (4)
Ability : Controls Water un -0° temperatures
Your KnB Family and What School You Ente... (15)
Includes the coaches and Alex. (Also Nash and Silver) Notes: I'm not inserting all of the chara...
Who Is Your HQ Mom? And What Will Your M... (23)
I dunno if I insert all of the Mom Squad.
What will you draw today? (68)
Ideas for artists. Sources that have many iconic characters are grouped so you can choose the one(s)...
Your Diabolik Lovers Life (29)
How your diabolik lovers life would be
Fate/GO Servant Generator (107)
Gives a rarity and stats similar to the game Fate Grand Order and its many cards. Still developing.
Normal, Furry, or Weeb? (1,258)
Are you a normal person, a furry, or maybe a weeb?
Rpg random generator (134)
Displaying your RPG character status randomly
What&039;s your Sarazanmai episode title... (93)
Your episode title, if you were Sarazanmai
What are your traits as a loli/waifu (382)
loli or waifu, whatever fits & don't lewd the loli
What would be your Stand be if you were in JJBA?
[Soul Eater] What Dr. Stein diagnoses yo... (57)
You go and see the doctor for a check-up...
His Gift For You (89)
You received a gift from him, along with a message! I wonder what it is...
My feet r long (21)
I shit my pants
Most Embarrassing Thing They Said To You (122)
In some events, they may say something that will turn your whole face red like a tomato....
IDOLiSH Human Pet (152)
You got a human-pet! But how will it turn out after many years?
Life In Another AU (IDOLiSH7) (82)
Which AU will you ve born into and How will your ending be?
Theeevees (6)
Hewo ^w^
Caerion (2)
Nothig much
MC (22)
God, Hiền Nhân, Kiếm Sỹ, Võ Sư, Xạ Thủ, ... (4)
Có MP vô cực, có thể sáng tạo kỹ năng và vật phẩm, siêu may mắn, IQ: 1000
Fitri (3)
tank (7)
Bams (0)
Hikikomori (31)
Yukikaze (5)
Sutando (7)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.
Mr Chan (5)
A muaythai boxer.
dickbag (27)
this guy likes dicks
Who is your Jojo waifu? (88)
well who is it?
UnknownPlayer (29)
Which jojos stand best fits you? (73)
Which stand is your perfect match? Parts 3-5
Ray Skywalker (0)
He is a breed between elder gods and dark lord who possesses any kind of darkness power
You as a Demon Slayer in Kimetsu no Yaib... (126)
Your role in the Demon Slaying Corps if you passed the final selection in Kimetsu no Yaiba!
Mosashi (4)
Which Enstars Character are you most lik... (42)
past maker was missing eden (eden rights) and added the teachers because some people be like that so...
Jojo&039;s Bizzarre Adventure Character ... (55)
Find out your Jojo-style name!
what donna thinks of u (17)
Exo kin (35)
Which one of the exos is your kin
My diagnosis for you (1,436)
It’s the doctor
Noragami kin (16)
Ko”:’lciiichjdk ou??ma,,, (6)
Kokichi Ouma did what???
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