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My Hero Academia Quirk (304,963)
What's your quirk?
Anime Girl Type (NSFW) (22,049)
Generates your anime girl stats! Some answers are NSFW and answers will be unexpected!
Participate in a Holy Grail War (26,100)
Generates a Holy Grail War roster and location, and allocates you a Servant.
Your role in anime (103,445)
Decides which role you will take in what kind of anime
OC Quirk Generator[BNHA][FEMALES] (6,612)
This generator will help you generate original quirks for your original characters
How much of a Sinner are you? (484,567)
Find out how much you have sinned!
Anime OC Description (29,744)
See your anime!
Anime/Manga Character (202,940)
What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?
Senpai Says (115,545)
If senpai DID notice you...
Your Anime Looks (95,167)
Which Pokemon would you be? (72,550)
Find out your Pokémon alter ego.
Your Stats! (62,356)
D rank= low SSS rank= highest
Magical girl generator (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 (56,494)
What would you look like if you were a magical girl!!!!!!
RWBY Semblance Generator (44,113)
This is a brainstorming generator for all the RWBY OCs out there. I've added some and corrected...
Complete Fate Servant Generator (42,373)
This Shindan tells you what kind of servant are you in Fate series. It includes: 1. Class 2. Alignm...
How strong are you in a Battle Anime (8,351)
you can test what power do you have & how strong are you inside of an battle anime. *PS : please...
Harem Role (194,781)
Your role in the harem is....
JJBA stand generator! (27,643)
randomly generates a stand.
What is your superpower? Physical and me... (26,933)
What's you're super powers? You can have multiple.
How strong are you in a Battle Anime Ver... (4,533)
Upgraded version of my How strong are you in a Battle Anime Shindan, with some changes *AGAIN*.This ...
Will X survive a Danganronpa Killing Gam... (3,159)
Place a character in the Shindan and you'll get a % chance of whether they'll survive a Da...
Your monster girl waifu! (1,049)
unoriginal but good
HOW THICC ARE YOU????!!! (550)
thicc bihh
What are your stats as a husbando? (51,270)
Heavily inspired by @polypholly's "What are your stats as a waifu?" but for...husban...
Tokyo Ghoul oc generator (51,061)
title says all
Hot anime female generator (37,356)
This is fun to draw, I think :D
Your Boku no Hero Academia Character! (31,682)
What would your life be like in Boku no Hero Academia?
Yandere Simulator Student Maker (22,177)
Note - For best results, enter your FULL name for diagnosis (you don't have to worry about midd...
Your Idol Statistics (21,015)
What are your Love Live vital statistics?
Idol Unit Name Generator (10,776)
Confused as to what to name your unit? Maybe just need some inspiration? Or maybe you're just c...
Your Anime Boyfriend/Girlfriend (10,098)
Danganronpa Generator (9,065)
MC - Main Character MM - Mastermind S - Survived K - Killer V - Victim T- Traitor
What is your JJBA stand? (6,178)
Including name, ability & stats
What Fate Grand Order Female will you ma... (5,127)
base off What Naruto character will you marry? the original here :
Your One Piece character&039;s Devil Fru... (4,040)
Some of these are made up fruits
Boku no Hero Academia Life (3,042)
How would you live in this world of supernatural?
ideal bara monster boyfriend (2,550)
ideal bara monster boyfriend idk what to tell you
Who are you in danganronpa? (2,294)
I dunno lol
Your Anime Boyfriend (2,234)
This will tell you who your anime boyfriend is. Woo.
You can become Kamen Rider ... (617)
Your have Kamen Rider power
What &039;Dere&039; Type are you? (211)
This quiz will show multiple dere types to see which one you are. It has a short description in case...
How you'll look in an anime (361,504)
I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)
Your Tsundere Meter! (307,323)
Diagnoses your Tsundere Level
what type of anime character are you? ;) (226,668)
if you were in an anime, who would you be?
RWBY Weapon Generator (209,440)
What weapon will you have in RWBY?
Who will animate you? (192,898)
You're being adapted to an anime!
Your Voice (190,965)
Which Seiyuu would voice you in an anime?
What kind of manga are you in? (174,338)
Find out what your manga life is.
How KAWAII are you? (162,324)
Know how kawaii you are.
Your role in the anime (157,562)
Find out your own epic role in the anime!
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