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1. How much of a Sinner are you? (450,239)
Find out how much you have sinned!
2. What's your government assigned kin... (44,320)
get your kins here
3. My Hero Academia Quirk (172,347)
What's your quirk?
4. What are your stats as a husbando? (20,970)
Heavily inspired by @polypholly's "What are your stats as a waifu?" but for...husban...
5. what type of anime character are you? ;) (124,253)
if you were in an anime, who would you be?
6. Your Stats! (38,942)
D rank= low SSS rank= highest
7. Senpai Says (99,561)
If senpai DID notice you...
8. Your role in anime (80,089)
Decides which role you will take in what kind of anime
9. RWBY Semblance Generator (24,734)
This is a brainstorming generator for all the RWBY OCs out there. I've added some and corrected...
10. What Power Do You Have? (14,048)
find out what power you have
11. What is your superpower? Physical and me... (15,618)
What's you're super powers? You can have multiple.
12. Magical girl generator (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 (33,504)
What would you look like if you were a magical girl!!!!!!
13. Harem Role (161,217)
Your role in the harem is....
14. How Edgy are you? (38,092)
This shows how much of an edge master you are.
15. How balanced is your game character? (11,237)
Find out how balanced your character is!
16. Your Tsundere Meter! (294,403)
Diagnoses your Tsundere Level
17. RWBY Weapon Generator (195,248)
What weapon will you have in RWBY?
18. Anime/Manga Character (188,200)
What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?
19. How much of each dere are you? (45,437)
Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.
20. OC Generator: What will yours look like? (14,411)
See what your OC would look like
21. RWBY Team Name Generator (8,532)
uhh hope it helps i guess
22. your weeb name (6,031)
you're weeb af and there's no going back so why not heck yourself up even more
23. Your Voice (179,594)
Which Seiyuu would voice you in an anime?
24. How KAWAII are you? (152,625)
Know how kawaii you are.
25. (character name) has appeared! What to d... (98,338)
Put a character name below. Then make a poll for your followers based on the result and let them cho...
26. Your Anime Looks (80,590)
27. RWBY Weapon Generator 2 (72,558)
What other weapon will you have in RWBY?
28. Which Pokemon would you be? (62,347)
Find out your Pokémon alter ego.
29. What is your Semblance? (30,555)
Semblance! Get your semblance here! Probably not accurate for the show exsude I just looked up super...
30. Complete Fate Servant Generator (23,461)
This Shindan tells you what kind of servant are you in Fate series. It includes: 1. Class 2. Alignm...
31. You as a Ghoul! (7,216)
Yourself as a ghoul in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Update: Added ratings!
32. Your First Year Anime Mate! (2,441)
Your First Year anime boyfriend. First Years as in First year in high school duh. Sport anime first ...
33. One Piece life! (137)
one piece life, i guess lol
34. How'll you be like in an Anime (33,583)
For Anime-Fans :3
35. Bishounen Maker v2.0 (18,930)
The original bishounen maker is gr8 10/10 but I just wanted to make my own lol and you might get a r...
36. Anime OC Description (18,385)
See your anime!
37. JJBA stand generator! (14,254)
randomly generates a stand.
38. Your Boku no Hero Academia Character! (13,023)
What would your life be like in Boku no Hero Academia?
39. You're the Waifu: Part 1! (With Sta... (7,880)
Your appearance as a waifu.
40. which Mythical Creature are you (7,252)
find what you are
41. Cute moe meter (5,873)
Check your moe meter
42. Fairy Tail Magic Generator (5,847)
Get Random magic for your character
43. What Kind Of Weeaboo Are You? (1,519)
There's many, but which one are you? (Warning: Can be NSFW. Or should I say... Ecchi desu~)
44. One Piece Bounty (1,421)
What is your Bounty on One Piece?
45. Your night visitor (45,460)
find out who will come to your room tonight...
46. How lonely are you? (42,020)
Your percentage of Loneliness
47. Your status as a servant (35,093)
Generates your status as a servant
48. Anime Female Partner (25,653)
Diagnoses your name and find it!
49. Your transformation (24,291)
Normal form is not enough?TRANSFORM INTO EPIC!
find your inner deku! * note, the quirk is just a keyword, meant to spark creativity! have fun!
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