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1. Aesthetic name generator (5,958)
Made it because why not! Colors are aesthetic and so is nature! This is my first shinda;;
2. What is your furry aesthetic? (4,355)
find out what your aesthetic is, along with what kinda furry you'd be.
3. whats your anime girl aesthetic (3,434)
i got the idea for this while i was high off my ass. i used to do this on request but now theres thi...
4. magical girl generator (2,046)
make a mahou shoujo
5. aesthetic maker (1,431)
gives you an aesthetic yay
6. Crown Aesthetic Generator (812)
What style of crown suits you best?
7. X-TREME Aesthetic Generator (697)
Your aesthetic is [adjective] [entities]
8. Find Your Aesthetic (485)
Finally, a maker for me
9. Your Aesthetics (422)
Discover your Aesthetics
10. Aesthetic Memes (254)
Aesthetic Generator
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