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Diagnoses on the theme of [AU].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Alternate Universe AU Maker (7,977)
Get your own cool AU to live in!
Undertale AU generator (19,323)
create an alternate universe for undertale (contains spoilers)
Which Undertale AU Do You Belong In? (4,218)
Which will it be
Universe generator (3,621)
For generating universes and stories. Long results!
AU Generator~ (3,212)
super awesome tumblr based AU generator. ALL THE PROMPTS WERE TAKEN FROM PERFECTLYROSE on tumblr...
Pokémon Legacy (1,640)
Based on a Pokémon story AU made by my friends and I. Which legendary do you gain the powers of, and...
One more random oc generator!! (781)
My first shindan, I hope you like it!! ✨ time to see if this will give you an interesting result!
A Personal AU (750)
where do you live and what happens to someone you care about
What RWBY OTP Should you write a ___ Fan... (695)
Like the previous one, but with OTP names. Will be AUs
You in an Alternate Universe (677)
There's infinite realities, but this Shindan will pull just one from many per day.
High School Universe Randomizer (651)
This is to help with all those people who wanna start an AU with their OC's and just don't...
Wow AUs who woulda thought
Your Alternate Self (398)
What you would look like and be like in an alternate dystopian universe.
hella rad au generator (293)
looking for some au ideas??? look no further, i will make your dream come true☆
Which Undertale Char would you take the ... (210)
See which main character you take the role of.
Homestuck Bloodswap AU (163)
I thought this would be a cool use of Shindan's functions? IDK
What Last Corridor Boss are you? (146)
What Warrior Cat Au Crystal do you have? (47)
sims 3 warrior cat au ideas started to blossom.... made this many years ago. only now realized i put...
hero/villain got7 au (41)
who's a hero? who's a villain? just a civilian? or maybe a sidekick?
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