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401. What is Your Ideal Kemono Husbando? (857)
What is your ideal kemono husbando?
402. First kiss with Senpai (850)
How will your first kiss with Senpai go?
403. Bleach waifu (849)
everything is simple
404. What Free! boy would you date? (845)
Well, who would it be?
405. Soul Mate Finder (841)
Where will you meet your soul mate? Or... have you already met them?
406. What Does Your Crush Look Like? (841)
Who do you REALLY want to be with?
407. Lets see your future (840)
In the future
408. how much do you love cats??? (839)
this test is for fun don't take it Seriously!!!
409. Your SPN AU love story (831)
In another universe, you met a Supernatural character and fell in love...
410. Who is your bestfriend in KPop? (830)
your best friend is.......
411. Which type of pairing do you ship? (829)
Diagnose which type of paring you ship!
412. Crack Shipping Generator (829)
generate a crack shipping
413. How big a hoe are you??? (829)
As if you don't know...
414. Which Nation Is Your Lover? (813)
Tells you the nation,the relation,and how long it lasts~!
415. Aichuu Soulmate (813)
Pretty self-explanatory
416. Anime-like love confession ?! (813)
What if you were an anime or manga character and were about to confess your love ?! Will you follow ...
417. You as a super kawaii High School Girl. (811)
Ever wanted to know how bishe and kawaii and sugoi and bakabaka ichigo you'd be in a high schoo...
418. Which Waifumon Loves You? (805)
For you Lewd trainers.
419. Arcana Heart Main (788)
Find out your main character and Arcana.
420. When and Where? (782)
421. Who is your FFXIV crush? (779)
Which npc do you have a crush on in Final Fantasy XIV? [More results to be added in the future]
422. BigBang Kabumm (778)
for V.I.P's :3
423. your next girlfriend / boyfrie (778)
what will they be like?
424. Which anime character will see your ling... (774)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
425. Approachability (773)
Are you approachable?
426. What RWBY ship are you the love child of... (773)
Love Child - Person born to a couple who is unmarried. Don't know a ship? Google it.
427. Your Free! Date (765)
See who and what you will do on your date!
428. How you react to being friendzoned (763)
so i'll just put how they friendzoned you and how you react
429. Luhan (760)
430. Guilty Gear Waifu! (757)
only those who aren't officially paired, so no Dizzy or May for you!
431. Where? (756)
How kinky can you get?
432. Meaning of Name (756)
Find out!
433. Memecenter Waifu Finder (749)
Finds your memecenterian waifu
434. Which Steven Universe gem has a crush on... (747)
435. What kind of reverse harem member are yo... (746)
Hot guys are life; they exist for us and we exist for them.
436. Your Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Wife (742)
Your wife in Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
437. Who in the exo chat is your destined one... (739)
Omona, secrets are revealed
438. Waifu Machine Alpha (739)
What is your waifu?
439. Will your OTP be cannon? (738)
Test and see how well your OTP is and see if it will be canon
440. Who&039;s your Fairy Tail BF? (737)
Find out what fairy tail man is yours ;)
441. how big are your boobs (735)
442. young avenger husband/wife (723)
which young avenger will you marry?!
443. Who is your male soulmate? (719)
Who is your male soulmate?
444. how ur b1a4 bf asks u out (710)
Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life
445. What would your special someone call you... (705)
Prepare for ooey gooey petnames
446. Monmusu Quest R4PE Time (697)
Oh schizer...
447. Your Sadist (696)
You want to be stepped on? Crawl over here, scum.
448. Mortal Kombat: Relationships (695)
Male Kombatants edition
449. Which plurker/SLer are you in love with? (690)
Let's get it on
450. As is your perfect anime girl? (689)
As is your perfect anime girl?
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