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401. Who is your male soulmate? (672)
Who is your male soulmate?
402. Daily Deluxe Waifu Generator! (672)
A new waifu every day!
403. Who in the exo chat is your destined one... (665)
Omona, secrets are revealed
404. What kind of reverse harem member are yo... (664)
Hot guys are life; they exist for us and we exist for them.
405. As is your perfect anime girl? (660)
As is your perfect anime girl?
406. aesthetic maker (655)
gives you an aesthetic yay
407. your favorite ero fantasy (654)
Diagnoses your favorite ero fantasy
408. How much love will you get (654)
How many fucks will you give
409. How long? *wink wink* (648)
How long. You know what I'm talking about.
410. First kiss with Senpai (647)
How will your first kiss with Senpai go?
411. What would your special someone call you... (646)
Prepare for ooey gooey petnames
412. Which Steven Universe gem has a crush on... (645)
413. Crack Shipping Generator (643)
generate a crack shipping
414. Will your OTP be cannon? (641)
Test and see how well your OTP is and see if it will be canon
415. senpai notice you? (639)
nothing xD just bored gome ppl but not rlly gome 8I senpai--
416. how big are your boobs (630)
417. Your Sadist (629)
You want to be stepped on? Crawl over here, scum.
418. What are your Capabilities? (627)
Whatchu good at?
419. when chanyeol marriage with me (626)
Kami ingin punya 5 anak.. resepsi kami diadakan di venice dan exo sebagai hiburannya
420. Inazuma Eleven GO Love (623)
Diagnoses who is your boyfriend from all Inazuma Eleven GO series characters! From the least popular...
421. Married and Honeymoon With Bias (623)
Wish this come truee ._.
422. EXO's member going to do with you (620)
If you want to be their girlfriend
423. young avenger husband/wife (616)
which young avenger will you marry?!
424. Guilty Gear Waifu! (615)
only those who aren't officially paired, so no Dizzy or May for you!
425. What is Your Ideal Kemono Husbando? (614)
What is your ideal kemono husbando?
426. otp prompt/AU simulator (612)
all the cool kids are doing it. some are nsfw
427. Memecenter Waifu Finder (611)
Finds your memecenterian waifu
428. Who's your Soccer Spirits Waifu? (606)
only 5-6* characters are included.
429. Who is your Kagepro date? (603)
Title says it all.
430. Marriage with an EXO member (603)
You'll be getting married with your EXO member boyfriend
431. how thirsty r you (600)
a thirst meter
432. Bleach waifu (599)
everything is simple
433. Who is your FFXIV crush? (599)
Which npc do you have a crush on in Final Fantasy XIV? [More results to be added in the future]
434. Who's your Fairy Tail BF? (599)
Find out what fairy tail man is yours ;)
435. Monmusu Waifu(s)! (597)
Why not more than one?
436. OTP Maker (596)
What is the OTP you love ;)
437. your date in Kuroko no Basuke (593)
who will be your date? and what will you two be doing?
438. Your Free! Date (593)
See who and what you will do on your date!
439. lover maker!! (588)
enter your real name to see what's your lover gonna be!!!
440. Who do I love (588)
Bias against bias
its in the title
442. Free lover (583)
Diagnoses your Free lover
443. Are you fuckable? (scale from 1/10) (579)
let's put to the test if your fuckable or not
444. Kuroko no Basuke Love Triangle (577)
in whom you love and who loves you
445. How much ass do you eat? (569)
use this to find out how much ass you eat
446. Undertale Romance (566)
How does your first date go?
447. Kiss (565)
Love you
448. Are you top or bottom (562)
449. Gay Diagnosis (562)
Always wanted to know how gay are you? Here's the tool.
450. What hetalia character loves you (561)
Here you will find out what hetalia character loves you
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