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301. What is your sexuality? (1,099)
Check what is your sexual orientation.
302. How do you confess/propose? (1,090)
The title says it all.
303. Perfect Monster Waifu (1,079)
From the same jack-off who brought you Perfect Waifu. Many are shamelessly taken from Monster Girl E...
304. Yandere Meter - Are you too insane for s... (1,077)
We're all a little crazy for love, but how Yandere are you? Are you too insane for senpai?
305. Who is your FFXV love interest? (1,071)
Who is in love with you?
306. Bangtan propose (1,070)
Learn how bts will propose to you and who proposes
307. MASH [ BTOB version ] (1,059)
Find out your future with BTOB members!
308. diamond no ace date (´・ω・`) (1,053)
309. Sempai Shindan (1,044)
What kind of sempai are you and why does little kouhai like you?
310. How gay are you even? (1,042)
Are you gay enough for twitter
311. What does your soulmate look like? (1,032)
Title says it all.
312. Aichuu love confession simulator (1,015)
You have confessed to a certain Aichuu! How did they react?
313. who is your soulmate (1,014)
314. I Wanna Date You! (1,000)
Someone's sent you a dating request! Check it out here!
315. Who's your soulmate? (999)
The first thing he/she has said/will say to you.
316. Love Live Snuggle (994)
Which member of μ's will you be with?
317. Kpop Pet Name ♥︎ (979)
What does Oppa call you~?
318. Who's your Dojo ship (979)
319. what body part will you grow (978)
if you drink this potion
320. The Waifu Generator (EXPERIMENTAL) (967)
The best waifu generator since the creation of waifu generators (Caution may explode)
321. How will you dump Rem? (960)
Rem just confessed her undying feelings for you, what do you do?
322. Senran Kagura Waifu! (948)
Oh, YAY! (NO YURI!!!)
323. Which Anime Boy is Waiting for You and W... (933)
Which anime boy is waiting for you and where ;) if you know what I mean~
324. How many yanderes love you? (933)
325. Bear Husband Generator (931)
This generator will create the bear husband FOR YOU based on my idea of what my ideal bear husband w...
326. What anime will u be in and how will u l... (931)
Idk just try it out
327. How many children with oppa? (929)
Children with oppa
328. I look like EXO (922)
Have fun!
329. TG Love Confession! (922)
330. Who would you date in BTS? (907)
Find out here in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
331. What if you were a potato (899)
332. Are You Okay (898)
If you're feeling bad, sad, suicidal, or depressed, this is dedicated to you! <3
333. 1/10 Will You Get Laid (894)
Will you get laid?
334. What kindve fucker are you (893)
335. Are you Hitler? (887)
It has been prophesized since ancient times that Adolf Hitler will be reborn. This is to test if you...
336. Who is Your Secret Admirer? (885)
Describe the person who secretly loves you!
337. Waifu Generator (885)
Create the waifu of your dreams! Or let me create it... heh heh heh. (NOTE- if two results are the o...
338. are you the meme lord (884)
the one question on all of our minds
339. Youtaite Friendly Date (878)
Who will go on a friendly date with you? And how will it turn out?
340. Keadaan kamu Hari ini? (874)
Seperti apakah keadaan anda hari ini?
341. Hetalia OTP~ (865)
OTP~ ^-^
342. How romantics you are ♥ (861)
Are you romantic person ? Check it out ⊙﹏⊙
343. whose your anime lover? (854)
find out
344. Sin (846)
How much sin is you
345. Who is your husbando? (844)
Find out your true husbando here.
346. Your Durarara OTP (841)
Choosing you Durarara Pairing
347. Kemono Date (835)
Who are you going out with and where?
348. What will you and an EXO member's f... (831)
Will you be friends? lovers? enemies? frenemies?
349. The cutest human ever (827)
Now, you know who's the cutest human ever
350. Can you guess how sexy you are? (824)
Self explanatory title.
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