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301. Your Boku no Hero Academia Date! (1,340)
Who will you date in Boku no Hero Academia?
302. whats ur kink (1,339)
303. I look like EXO (1,335)
Have fun!
304. Furry Senpai Generator (1,335)
What would your senpai be?
305. Your Ideal Orgy (1,324)
Who (or what) would be in your ideal orgy?
306. What Will You Say To Senpai? (1,323)
Today is the day you're going to confess to Senpai , what will you say/do? (i will add more on...
307. Who is your FFXV love interest? (1,319)
Who is in love with you?
308. otp prompt/AU simulator (1,305)
all the cool kids are doing it. some are nsfw
309. Which k-idol you want at your place? (1,290)
K-idol at your place!!!
310. How you get married with oppa. (1,289)
How you meet oppa and get married.
311. Which Smash Bros. girls would date you t... (1,289)
NEWS: Just in! Which Super Smash Bros. girl (or girls) are willing to date you today? Be sure not to...
312. Idolish7 Crush (1,277)
313. Waifu or not (1,277)
Well, are you?
314. I Wanna Date You! (1,254)
Someone's sent you a dating request! Check it out here!
315. Your Fate in Amnesia! (1,253)
What fate awaits you as the heroine of Amnesia? Find out here!
316. Yandere Meter - Are you too insane for s... (1,248)
We're all a little crazy for love, but how Yandere are you? Are you too insane for senpai?
317. What kind of YAOI character are you? (1,240)
ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ
318. What kindve fucker are you (1,240)
319. Senran Kagura Waifu! (1,233)
Oh, YAY! (NO YURI!!!)
320. Your true love is.... (1,224)
find out a person's true love keke, lots of results
321. Sword Master (1,222)
322. Who Is Your Naruto Waifu (1,214)
This Will Determine Who Your Naruto Waifu is.
323. Kpop Pet Name ♥︎ (1,212)
What does Oppa call you~?
324. Teen Top Date w/ you :3 (1,209)
What'll you do?
325. KISS MEH! (1,208)
You have to kiss someone... Who? Let's find out!
326. What does GDragon w/ U ? (1,206)
It can be anything :D First Shindan, sorry because of the mistakes D:
327. How many girlfriends/boyfriend (1,205)
Diagnoses how many gf/bfs you have.
328. which paladin of voltron loves you (1,203)
who u marrying son
329. Kawaii Bitches of Swag (1,202)
which one would be your perfect match?
330. On a scale of 1 - 100, how hot are you? (1,202)
Being hot is based on a number you get from a completely random generator on the internet. Don'...
331. How do you confess/propose? (1,185)
The title says it all.
332. TG Love Confession! (1,183)
333. How many yanderes love you? (1,171)
334. bigbangin big (1,163)
Love triangle
335. Aichuu love confession simulator (1,132)
You have confessed to a certain Aichuu! How did they react?
336. Small Girlfriend Generator (1,119)
inspired by @wrangelisland's Tall Girlfriend Generator
337. Sempai Shindan (1,104)
What kind of sempai are you and why does little kouhai like you?
338. MASH [ BTOB version ] (1,100)
Find out your future with BTOB members!
339. What will you and an EXO member's f... (1,094)
Will you be friends? lovers? enemies? frenemies?
340. What does your soulmate look like? (1,092)
Title says it all.
341. How gay are you even? (1,087)
Are you gay enough for twitter
342. How will you dump Rem? (1,070)
Rem just confessed her undying feelings for you, what do you do?
343. diamond no ace date (´・ω・`) (1,068)
344. Who's your Dojo ship (1,058)
345. what body part will you grow (1,052)
if you drink this potion
346. What if you were a potato (1,052)
347. who is your soulmate (1,049)
348. Who's your soulmate? (1,047)
The first thing he/she has said/will say to you.
349. who should you bang (1,032)
Find out who you should bang
350. Fate G/O Waifu (1,023)
Join the Waifu Crusade!
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