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251. How to make senpai notice you? (1,847)
Your guide to make senpai notice you...
252. Which &039;Yuri!!! On Ice&039; character... (1,826)
The title says all. Features most characters from Y!!!OI
253. The Waifu Generator (EXPERIMENTAL) (1,817)
The best waifu generator since the creation of waifu generators (Caution may explode)
254. Idolish7 Crush (1,796)
255. Brother-Sister Bonding (1,781)
How do you spend time together?
thats all
257. Your punishment in hell (1,765)
What shall you receive?
258. whats your position (1,748)
are you a top... bottom......... or.. something else
259. FNAF Boyfriend/Girlfriend (And how it go... (1,732)
Your Five Nights at Freddy's date! I tried to get as many of them in this as I could!
260. How Cute are you? (1,718)
How cute are you? ouo
261. Exo huevos (1,677)
Tu amor para exo es verdad finalmente!
262. Which Pokemon is your lover?<3 (1,673)
Not the silly trainers, moron. THE ACTUAL POKEMON. (Gen1 Only oops ;w;)
263. Who would you date in BTS? (1,662)
Find out here in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
264. your mystic messenger lover? (1,658)
who is your mystic messenger BEST lover~?
a short imagine with a member of seventeen.
266. ♡✧˖°your shoujo love story°˖✧♡ (1,652)
what shoujo love story is yours~
267. Love Live Snuggle (1,651)
Which member of μ's will you be with?
268. Your Boku no Hero Academia Date! (1,646)
Who will you date in Boku no Hero Academia?
269. Kpop Wedding~ (1,645)
You and oppa/noona get married!! What will the wedding theme be????
270. Bangtan propose (1,640)
Learn how bts will propose to you and who proposes
271. Monstergirl Relationship (1,638)
What kind of relationship do you have with a Monstergirl. (Try everyday for a different result.)
272. Enstars - Yaoi Time! (1,628)
An Enstars male x male ship generator.
273. iKON One-night stand (1,621)
274. Who is your secret Youtaite admirer? (1,614)
find out who loves/like you among the youtaites
275. Who Will Be Your Lover/Waifu/Husbando? (1,614)
Basically, I, the author, will make waifus and husbandos for all of you
276. Owari no Seraph Lover (1,613)
Your Seraph of the End Lover
277. Anime girls are stalkers?! (1,608)
Everyday, an anime girl is spying on you somewhere. But who, where and what is she doing while peepi...
278. how gay are you? (free! edition) (1,603)
find out your gay level with free! characters!
279. who is ur bae (1,594)
mystic messenger UPDATE: More glorious results added!!
280. Who&039;s your EXO husband? (1,591)
Which one of OT12 will you marry and what's your future like?
281. Who is your InaIre boyfriend? (1,577)
Inazuma Eleven boys, which one of them is yours?
282. DR/SDR2 Relationships (1,577)
What happens to you and your DR/SDR2 lover?!
283. Who r u in EXO next door. (1,568)
284. AKB Dream Date (1,567)
Your date with a cute AKB idol.
285. are you very gay or a little (1,557)
find out pls
286. Furry Senpai Generator (1,556)
What would your senpai be?
287. Lets learn about your future (1,555)
Tell you what you are going to do.
288. otp prompt/AU simulator (1,539)
all the cool kids are doing it. some are nsfw
289. Has Senpai Fallen For You? (1,500)
Find out whether senpai is ur secret admirer
290. The orientation tester (1,490)
Enter your name to determine your orientation!
291. What kind of Waifu do you have? (1,483)
all sorts of 'em
292. What is your sexuality? (1,482)
Check what is your sexual orientation.
293. Who's your Hetalia Bf :) (1,481)
Well what the title says
294. Why you are cute! (1,480)
Find out why you're cute! Version 2: Its nicer!
295. Your Waifu-gami (1,479)
Which goddess has come to take you from your Waifu!?
296. Who do I ship you with (1,471)
find out who I ship /you/ with today !!!
297. SHINee ShindanSun (1,452)
for Shawols :D
298. which paladin of voltron loves you (1,452)
who u marrying son
299. How high your dream to get married with ... (1,449)
Curious? How many percent %
300. Which µ&039;s idol are you? (1,446)
Which Otonokizaka High School idol are you?
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