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251. Fairy Tail waifu (1,544)
your FT waifu:з
252. Who is your InaIre boyfriend? (1,542)
Inazuma Eleven boys, which one of them is yours?
253. DR/SDR2 Relationships (1,535)
What happens to you and your DR/SDR2 lover?!
254. are you very gay or a little (1,518)
find out pls
255. Who's your Bara manager? (1,517)
What kind of guy is your manager after work?
256. Lets learn about your future (1,487)
Tell you what you are going to do.
257. your mystic messenger lover? (1,481)
who is your mystic messenger BEST lover~?
258. Mys Mes Relationships (1,474)
Matching you with your lover, best friend, enemy, etc.
259. EXO Husband? (1,472)
Lets see who is your EXO Husband!!
260. What your horrible future will look like... (1,458)
Find out what your future will look like. It might really really really suck. Explicit.
261. The orientation tester (1,439)
Enter your name to determine your orientation!
262. Owari no Seraph Lover (1,426)
Your Seraph of the End Lover
263. Which 'Yuri!!! On Ice' charact... (1,425)
The title says all. Features most characters from Y!!!OI
264. Which µ's idol are you? (1,415)
Which Otonokizaka High School idol are you?
265. Who do I ship you with (1,413)
find out who I ship /you/ with today !!!
266. the meaning of my name (1,407)
My name' meaning in a certain topic.
267. Has Senpai Fallen For You? (1,401)
Find out whether senpai is ur secret admirer
268. who is ur bae (1,397)
mystic messenger UPDATE: More glorious results added!!
269. Which Pokemon is your lover?<3 (1,392)
Not the silly trainers, moron. THE ACTUAL POKEMON. (Gen1 Only oops ;w;)
270. SHINee ShindanSun (1,391)
for Shawols :D
271. What your anime waifu will look like. (1,373)
Find out what your kawaii waifu will look like!
272. Who's your Hetalia Bf :) (1,372)
Well what the title says
273. Enstars - Yaoi Time! (1,370)
An Enstars male x male ship generator.
274. ♡✧˖°your shoujo love story°˖✧♡ (1,363)
what shoujo love story is yours~
275. Anime/manga (1,347)
Diagnoses anime
276. Your life with BIGBANG (1,318)
How will you live with the k-pop group, BIGBANG?
277. Your true and only waifu (1,318)
Your true and only waifu
278. Why you are cute! (1,314)
Find out why you're cute! Version 2: Its nicer!
279. How high your dream to get married with ... (1,313)
Curious? How many percent %
280. Kpop Wedding~ (1,299)
You and oppa/noona get married!! What will the wedding theme be????
281. Do I have any chances for... (1,287)
for my crush to notice me?
282. Your Ideal Orgy (1,277)
Who (or what) would be in your ideal orgy?
283. What Will You Say To Senpai? (1,264)
Today is the day you're going to confess to Senpai , what will you say/do? (i will add more on...
284. Fap to Fakku By Destiny (1,260)
You will play accordingly
285. whats ur kink (1,245)
286. Who's your EXO husband? (1,237)
Which one of OT12 will you marry and what's your future like?
a short imagine with a member of seventeen.
288. FNAF Boyfriend/Girlfriend (And how it go... (1,233)
Your Five Nights at Freddy's date! I tried to get as many of them in this as I could!
289. Horoscope of the day! :D (1,207)
I hope you have a lovely day! :D
290. Teen Top Date w/ you :3 (1,200)
What'll you do?
291. Sword Master (1,198)
292. Kawaii Bitches of Swag (1,197)
which one would be your perfect match?
293. How you get married with oppa. (1,193)
How you meet oppa and get married.
294. Which k-idol you want at your place? (1,185)
K-idol at your place!!!
295. Perfect Monster Waifu (1,183)
From the same jack-off who brought you Perfect Waifu. Many are shamelessly taken from Monster Girl E...
296. Your true love is.... (1,180)
find out a person's true love keke, lots of results
297. What kind of Waifu do you have? (1,178)
all sorts of 'em
298. What is your sexuality? (1,176)
Check what is your sexual orientation.
299. Waifu Generator (1,173)
Create the waifu of your dreams! Or let me create it... heh heh heh. (NOTE- if two results are the o...
300. Your Fate in Amnesia! (1,172)
What fate awaits you as the heroine of Amnesia? Find out here!
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