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Infinite dating game
152. Your Exo Love (2,784)
You needs to get the sarang from your opparrrs. Find out how you and Korea's favourite twerk queens ...
153. Who is ur waifu? (2,779)
Roll the dice, m8 4 lyf
154. A night with Bangtan boys (2,716)
Your night with you bf from BTS
155. GOT7 AND YOUR SEX ED (2,671)
yas hunty mama GOT7 gonna teach you all about sex yas bitch slay
156. Your K-Idol Soulmate (2,629)
What's in their name and from which company are they?
157. How Likely Are You To Die Alone? (2,616)
Will you ever find love?
158. Ensemble Stars - Perform with Me! (2,605)
You're invited to perform with the Enstars boys! Good luck!
159. You Died (2,591)
Let's see why you die
160. Does anybody like you? (2,585)
Find out today... (UPDATE 5/11/17) (as in tags - it's about romantic/sexual love, not friends!)
161. Which ship is your waifu? (2,565)
Find out which Kantai Collection character is your waifu!
162. Who In Death Note Likes You (2,559)
Random thing to see how this works...
163. How to get senpai to notice you (2,538)
Discover the secret to getting senpai's attention!
164. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 5) (2,518)
She Has a NAME! (And personality)
165. Your Reaction to an Ugly Person (2,516)
How you will react when facing a really unattractive person
166. Your RWBY Valentine *Female Edition (2,513)
:) Happy Valentine's Day!
167. Your 2PM Husband (2,495)
Find out who's your 2PM husband !!!
168. Do people like your***** (2,471)
Seriously, I don't have self-esteem issues. I just need to know.
169. Sword Art Online Waifu (2,448)
SAO Waifu
170. Your K-Pop Waifu (2,420)
Who is your K-Pop waifu?
171. How homo are you? (2,418)
raise your dongers
172. Who will you have sex with? (2,406)
Someone got lucky~ But with who and where?
173. Can you take the knot? (2,388)
Can you take the knot?
174. Who is your Touhou Waifu? (2,360)
Find out who your waifu would be if you lived in Gensokyo.
175. what does μ's think of (2,353)
theres already one i think but im makin one with more results AND daily changes
176. Tokyo Ghoul Reverse Harem (2,342)
who doesn't need a bunch of dudes drooling over them
177. Your The Gray Garden wife, husband or sp... (2,339)
Which one of Mogeko's characters is your wife/husband/spouse? Find out! Results change daily.
178. Your First Year Anime Mate! (2,328)
Your First Year anime boyfriend. First Years as in First year in high school duh. Sport anime first ...
179. Your Valentine's Gift (2,326)
This year, what will happen to you on Valentine's Day?
180. whats your REAL NAME? (2,309)
a new name for you!!
181. Crush (2,293)
182. The status of your boyhole! (2,281)
Whatcha packing there, chief?
183. love story (2,261)
date blind
184. How much coolness do you have? (2,246)
Check how much coolness you have!
185. how much of a dad are you (2,227)
find out your worth
186. Who's your Blue Exorcist Lover (2,217)
Who you love from Blue Exorcist.
187. K-pop Wedding (2,188)
Who will you marry?
188. Will your OTP ever be cannon? (2,188)
Insert your otp
189. Hetalia Boyfriend~ (2,187)
Hetalia Boyfriend >w<
190. EXO Kiss, Kill, Marry (2,173)
Who will you kiss, kill, and marry?
191. Who are you dating in Mystic Messenger? (2,170)
Who are you dating in Mystic Messenger?
192. What time ist it? It's 2PM :3 (2,166)
For the Hottest ^-^
193. Your Anime Boyfriend (2,148)
This will tell you who your anime boyfriend is. Woo.
194. Teen Top Date (2,131)
Diagnoses your [Teen Top Date]
195. Who is your AKB48 wife? (2,126)
It's not ALL of the member in AKB48,but check it out!!
196. Your soulmate (2,124)
Find out what kind of person your soulmate is
197. ♥ Your Hetalia Boyfriend ♥ (2,122)
♥ I know you want to try this~ ♥
198. Who wants to sleep with you? (2,095)
Find out who wants to sleep with you!
199. Your K-drama Life (2,081)
How would your life be like if it were a k-drama? - - - Spoiler: ... Not everything is fair :...
200. Love Live! FMK (2,075)
which girl will you fuçk, marry, or kill?
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