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451. What hetalia character loves you (574)
Here you will find out what hetalia character loves you
452. Kiss (572)
Love you
453. What kind of harem king would you be? (570)
Good luck.
454. Gay Diagnosis (568)
Always wanted to know how gay are you? Here's the tool.
455. Are you top or bottom (562)
456. Who is your JoJo boyfriend? (560)
Ever wondered which JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character you'd be mackin' on? Well, her...
457. How cute/cool are you? (554)
458. Highschool DxD Lover (543)
Who is your lover?
459. Speed Dating Simulator (540)
Will you find your next love at a speed dating event?!
460. Your NCT Boyfriend (537)
Try getting your bias. I included Mark but not the minirookies.
461. BTS Stuff (526)
Imagines and what-nots with our boys
462. Genderbent VOCALOID Love (526)
which vocaloid genderbend loves you
463. who do you love (526)
love? love.
464. <3 with vocaloid character [FEMALE] (525)
NOTE: I know I included UTAUloids. That's fine. I am sorry I didn't include all, too much ...
465. Your Love (523)
How is your love?
466. What is your dream's Yuri OTP? (521)
The Yuri shipping you never imagined consciently but you dreamed about.
467. Who your destiny in Got7 (520)
test you luck in meet your destiny
468. ur anime bae (520)
Who is ur anime bae
469. Vocaloid BFF (518)
Who's your Vocaloid BFF???
470. Thirst Meter (515)
Measures your thirst.
471. Your Fire Emblem 8 Wife (506)
Your wife in Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
472. Perfect Husbando (504)
Generates a cute anime dude. From the same weeb who brought you Perfect Waifu.
473. Your first or next bf or gf (503)
Diagnoses how it will go
474. Your Fire Emblem 9/10 Husband! (500)
See who your husband from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn would be!
475. are you HANDSOME ENOUGH? (499)
476. My Husband (498)
EXO, BAP, 4minute, BtoB, TeenTop,VIP
Check your level of sempai noticing with this amazing shindan. (or shit, whatever you want to call i...
478. My dream prince/ss (495)
Princess or prince who will you marry?
479. What is your future partner like? (490)
What is your future partner like? This is a joke btw.
480. Who will your reincarnation be? (489)
Find out who, or even WHAT you will be in your next life.
481. your final fantasy boyfriend (487)
find out your final fantasy boyfriend from either 15, 13, 10, 8 or 7
482. What do the Love Live Sunshine girls Thi... (486)
483. Mortal Kombat Relationships (485)
Female Kombatants edition
484. your own shrek au (480)
find out who you are in shrek
485. Generate Your About Me! (476)
Making your about me? It can be hard to learn to be politically correct from reading quality journal...
486. <3 with vocaloid character [MALE] (475)
Is here! I am sorry I didn't include all, too much for me... Female:
487. Which Super Smash Brother character shou... (475)
Who will you be destined to play, or should have played in the previous incarnations of the game?
488. Monmusu Quest R4PE Time (474)
Oh schizer...
489. Is Your Waifu/Hubando Real? (473)
Is Your Waifu/Husbando Real? Take This Test To Find Out!
490. How did you meet your shipfu? (471)
Reveals to your followers how you ended up with the Kantai Collection boatgirl of your dreams
491. are you a huge fucking faggot? (469)
find out if you are a faggot.
492. your exo husband? (467)
Who will u marry and how many kids will u hv?
493. Your date with Free! characters (464)
Doki!! You have a date with a Free! character! Check how it goes! [occasionally nsfw]
494. Your Street Fighter Waifu! (464)
A shindan for every fighting game...
495. Jealous Aichuus (461)
Pay attention to them gdi
496. Who is your HxH Husbando? (461)
Who's the lucky guy? Where did you meet? ?? Find out now.
497. how much does ur anus leak? (460)
for all of those who are curious about their anal leakage
498. cute words 4 u (454)
ur cute heres cute werdz
499. Are you abosolutely love HyperDimension ... (453)
Test your love on Hyperdimension Neptunia
500. Harem Club!! (453)
Your Harem consist of the following characters. Who's in your Harem? Am planning on updating th...
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