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Yokai Character Maker (6,679)
Now you can make your own yokai character with spiritual powers!
Yokai Watch Character Generator (2,345)
somethin i made to pass time. tell me if there are any bugs
0 Games
What Type of Youkai Are You? (1,121)
Ever wondered what kind of Japanese Supernatural Creature are you? Your name is the key.
Which yokai gives you your yokai watch ? (668)
Which yokai will haunt you and become your butler ?
who is your Yokai Husbando/Waifu (YW2) (173)
YW3 is coming soon
who is your Yokai watch Husbando/waifu (... (150)
(I'll make one for YW2 and YW3 later on)
Draw Yo-Kai By Memory! (All Games Versio... (140)
Gives you random Yo-kai to draw by memory! (Includes YW1, YW2, and YW3 yo-kai)
Draw Yo-Kai By Memory! (YW1 version) (117)
Gives you random Yo-kai to draw by memory! (YW1 Yo-kai only)
Which Japanese mythical creature are you... (81)
Demons, spirits, ghosts, mythical beasts or folk deities - what's your inner yokai~
Yokai (69)
Ren will be yokai
Yo-kai Maker (38)
Make a Yo-kai from Yo-kia Watch [S-ranks only]
Gerador de Yokais (3)
Um gerador de yokais para saber como você seria yokai
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