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what kind of magical witch are you? (98,047)
which witch is which?
witchsona (210,574)
double, double, toil and trouble...
142 by @heartmush
Inktober Witch (15,711)
★But when was this witch and what did it do??★
Sub, Dom, or Switch? (14,638)
What kinda SM relationship do you have?
Witch Creator! (11,519)
Cast a spell and make yourself into a little witch!
10 by @aonyx
Ensemble Stars FMK (9,558)
this was a bad idea (edit: added valkyrie + switch :~) )
What magic do you use (7,746)
from Aeromancers to Vitamancers and witch race are you and what race are you
Create a witchsona (6,062)
Find out your witchsona! Including power level, magical specialty, elemental strength, witch marking...
Witchsona/Wizardsona Maker (5,936)
Make your witch/wizard and draw him/her! If you want a different result, just try using your surname...
Magical Girl or Witch? (5,149)
Which are YOU!?
What&039;s your meme? (4,970)
yesterday i asked you what turns you off here are your best answers light switch a light switch
What kind of top, bottom, or switch are ... (4,922)
Sub top, dom top, sub bottom, top bottom, dom switch, sub switch..
what&039;s your fantasy sona? (4,508)
orc? witch? knight? who knows!
Potion Tester (3,173)
Drip the goop Witch needs a new tester for her potions, looks like you've volunteered!
Tarot Card Reading (3,039)
Need a tarot reading? Think of your question then draw here!
witch oc generator (2,946)
random witch concept generator
What Type of Witch Are You? (2,908)
find out what type of witch you are i didn't think you needed a description-
Sexual Mood (2,897)
Not sure if you should top or bottom or switch? Unsure if you should be a dom or sub or both? We...
What&039;s Your Demonsona! (2,750)
There's a lot of Sona's out there, fur, cat, dragon, nurse ,witch, persona and now demon! ...
Create a Potion (2,512)
Invent a spectacular potion!
Witch Identifier (2,016)
Diagnoses your witchy stats.
inspired by the witchsona generator...i know its for witchsona week specifically, but i wanted to ma...
top/bottom/switch and why (1,690)
do not take anything here seriously...im on crack, constantly!
Which Elemental Witch Are You? (1,683)
Witches be crazy
witch time (1,542)
your witchy seasonal 'sona
witchsona generator (1,368)
hocus pocus !!
wizardsona (1,339)
gender neutral modern fantasy au character generator for all your gender neutral modern fantasy au c...
What Kind of Witch Are You? (1,262)
Find out what kind of witch you are!
You&039;re a WITCH! (1,239)
Cast a spell... I DARE YA!
PMMM Witch Generator (948)
Makes simple randomized Witch type and natures. Some natures are from canon witches. Does not provid...
☾♦what type of witch are you?♦☽ (902)
Witch Generator (814)
now even easier to make a witch oc
Super duper fantasy OC maker (782)
“You are what you believe yourself to be” ― Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello
Your Witchy Life (781)
Diagnoses your Witchy Life!
The Witch's House (765)
Who will killed you in there...
What is your Geass (632)
Let's be honest, contracting a immortal witch to get magical glowy eye powers does sound pretty...
0 Anime
Your New &039;Sona (568)
Like fursona or witchsona, but I'm making most of these up from the top of my head (and most ar...
Harry Potter Wand Shop (529)
The wand chooses the witch/wizard! Find out what core, wood, and quality your wand would have!
MCBK Witch Maker (518)
You're a witch from MCBK, but let's clarify what exactly that is.
Create a witch oc! (513)
1st oc maker. Hope you enjoy!
Inanimate Transformation Spell (424)
What Happens When Stepped Into a Haunted House, You’ll Be Turned Into An Inanimate By a Witch.
Your Stream Mistake (367)
Diagnoses what you did on the ScotDrop stream.
Godsona Maker (366)
A Godsona Maker based on the Witch/Wizardsona Maker by inkblotdemon
High (353)
I am 14 🔇| I switch mains every week because it gets boring playing the same character over and over...
501st Joint Fighter Wing Waifu (340)
Strike Witches 501st Joint Fighter Wing Waifu
You are the Master Spell-Crafter! (331)
What kind of magick will you create today? The ingrediants can be tame... or terrifying!
Female Mythical Creature Name Generator (327)
Generate a name for your mythical creature character! Includes: Witches, Sirens and Mermaids, Fairie...
Witch AU are you in? (323)
Lets see wich au u r in!
UBW (252)
dat UBW
(nettlevale) witch generator (244)
For all your witchy needs! meant to go along with the rp group nettlevale on PW
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