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your overwatch self (11,551)
don't worry loves, the cavalry's here! ★ it goes without saying that some of the "old...
A RWBY Weapons Generator (8,574)
Season 3 HYPE! Create your awesome RWBY-weapons for your OCs with this extended generator! :D Be pre...
Mobile Suit Gundam Generator (8,395)
Randomized mobile suit generator. For the MS Pilot>>>https://en.shindanmaker.com/591149 [IN...
RWBY Combination Weapons Generator (7,867)
all you have to do is set what you want as a theme for the creation and the generator will search th...
Gemsona Weapon Generator (5,105)
If you're set on your gemsona but need a weapon to complete them, then check out this generator...
What is your RPG weapon? (4,467)
If you were in a RPG what would you fight with?
What sacred weapon you carry? (4,075)
There's so many sacred weapons in Fire Emblem saga, what's yours?
Fire Emblem (1-15) Character Creator (4,032)
A lot of classes appear more than once and have different weapons, so I have chosen what weapons I t...
Soul Weapons! (3,689)
What is your Soul Weapon?! And what magic comes paired with it?
Weapon of choice (2,518)
Find your weapon!
Your Magical Artifact (2,240)
Your magical artifact in an RPG
Anime Hero or Villain (1,995)
Would you like to know if you'd be a good or a bad guy in an anime? Would you also like to know...
Monster! (1,802)
What the heck are you?!
RWBY Weapon Creator (My first one) (1,750)
Im new with this so it may not be the best
What lightsaber design do you carry? (1,605)
The lightsaber is not a weapon nor a tool, it is an extension of your being and a vessel in which yo...
Who in BTS will you fight? (1,510)
Who in BTS have you mortally offended and what weapons will you use to duel them?
What&039;s My Class??? (1,424)
It's your RPG Class!! Results change daily! Based off a favorite game with some artistic liber...
Steven Universe - Gemsona!! (1,355)
find out your gem, its location, and your weapon :3 (excluding the crystal- and homeworld gems, thei...
PMMM OC Generator [Part 2] (1,229)
Includes outfit style, colors, weapons, and accessories.
Morph Weapons Generator (1,211)
Generates Melee+Ranged Weapons for you! (Changes Daily; RWBY inspired)
What is your starting weapon? (967)
You're an adventurer with maybe two coins to your name, and you need a weapon. Time to get a we...
What’s Your Demon Form? (912)
What does your demon form look like?, Special powers? Weapons?
Fantasy Loadout (810)
You're being thrown into a widescale fantasy warfare, find out what weapons/equipment you will ...
Random Blade Generator (746)
Want o know what your blade would be in a videogame or in an anime? Find out here!
Personality / Morph-Weapon / Role (716)
Just as the title states, this will generate a character sheet with a crazy morph weapon, created fr...
Zombie Apocalypse Weapons (713)
Imagine a deadly virus has spread all over the world and everyone is infected except you. The virus ...
Gemsona Creator (678)
Creates a random gemsona for you! includes: GEM, SUMMON WEAPON {UNDER CONSTRUCTION} Please note that...
After a bit of slaying enemies (581)
Thinks up loot! Armor and weapons alike.
What&039;s Your Weapon? (540)
A weapon makes a knight, and you are a knight. So what is your weapon?
Gun Generator (504)
Similar to B-lands
What&039;s your FPS Loadout? (475)
This will decide what primary, secondary, and melee you run into battle with! (If you don't kn...
Mystery Fantasy Weapon Box (347)
(Note: There is only melee weapons for now and has rarities from Common to Mythical and weapon grade...
What type of weapon do you use (341)
Rpg Weapons Generator (317)
What weapon would you wield in another world?
Aura Kingdom Weapon Chooser (300)
Find your main and sub weapons!
you as a magical gurl (283)
includes looks, outfit theme, member, colour scheme and weapons! (first time idk how this works...)
Discover Your Heroic Weapon (276)
What weapon has or will become known across the land on your hero's journey?
Weapons and Armory (235)
What will you wield students??
What weapons would you use? (206)
What weapon would you use in an MMO+fantasy+modern type setting
Spatoon 2 Weapon Generator (198)
In case you're lazy, like me, and want a simple weapon generator for Splatoon. (Doesn't in...
Apocalypse Loadout (186)
In the Apocalypse, your weapons are your life. What are you bringing to the Table?
1 by @BellumTeh
42 9th graders are sent to a deserted island. They are given a map, food, and various weapons. An ex...
Tales of Ylemia Character Generator v2.0 (141)
Character Generator for my own "Tales of" title, "Tales of Ylemia". Re-made to f...
Your Lifestyle in Splatoon 2 Weapons (129)
How you live your life described in Splatoon 2 weapons.
Really Cool Weapon Generator (93)
Generates Really Cool Weapons(tm)!
1 by @czardonyx
Welcome to Brawlhalla! (53)
Your weapons and stats as a Brawlhalla character. If you haven't played Blue Mammoth's Bra...
Quel héro êtes vous ? (13)
En chacun d'entre nous se trouve un héro ! Il est maintenant grand temps de savoir lequel !
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