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Vem är din EMFV waifu (9)
0 by @muxeil
Monster Girl Waifu (144)
What is your monster girl waifu? Find out with this super scientific test! Just enter your name and ...
Waifunonono (39)
Which BS Waifu are you in love with? (91)
How much does Doofus love you? (60)
Test how much Doofus, the perfect waifu, loves you!
Who&039;s your Love Live! Waifu? (132)
What Love Live! Character is your waifu?
Your Future Waifu (646)
Who's your future waifu?
who&039;s your waifu (78)
waifu waifu please (156)
create you very own waifu!
Encontre a sua waifu perfeita!!! (11)
A máquina do fabricião vai gerar uma waifu perfeita pra você!!
That Elf Waifu -For AngelHair (47)
Hobgoblin of superior beef is up to something, it's time to investigate! P.S- This is for my o...
Waifu Generator 2000 (261)
Finding it hard to get yourself an anime waifu? Introducing the Waifu Generator 2000! Just enter a n...
los huswaifus (10)
It's an inside joke
1 by @_didomi_
What your waifu would say to you (132)
Warframe Waifu (580)
Who is your Jojo waifu? (418)
well who is it?
Who&039;s your Homestuck wife/husband (71)
homestuck waifus
Waifu Bot (61)
Butt Stuff
0 by @AquaAnt_
Waifu Parameters (67)
Evaluates parameters as a waifu, using the same parameter rules as Servants.
Mother Nature j (7)
Make me your waifu
0 by @CBear876
ur2dwaifu (12)
0 by @ur2dwaifu
Telos&039; Waifu Generator (157)
This time with even more chaotic and arbitrary possibilities! (I tried putting everything in at leas...
Kaiser atiqi (1)
I love anime women’s and memes
Waifu/Husbando Validity Meter (83)
The perfect tool to rate the validity of your waifu, husbando, or non-binary crush/love interest!
0 by @czardonyx
Waifu scores (16)
What kind of waifu are you?
DKD&039;s Deluxe Waifu Maker (149)
You've never seen a waifu like this before! Come and put your name in (or someone else's) ...
.・゜-: ✧ :- Anime Girl Generator -: ✧ :-゜... (382)
become the anime waifu you've always wanted to be!
Who is your Honkai Impact 3rd waifu? (157)
Who is your waifu in the Honkai Impact universe by inputting your name or username in this generator...
Dark Souls Waifu (1,548)
You Married
Abstract Waifu (143)
Get your waifu's stats here!
waifuuu (38)
gib rating
Waifu Statictics (209)
What are your waifu stats?
Waifu Stats! (510)
What are they?
Which Waifumon are You? (1,392)
Ever wondered?
Your Highschool dxd waifu (322)
Title says all.
Anime waifu selector (207)
This Shindan is a work in progress that will choose a different waifu for you everyday, from a large...
Random Waifu (238)
Just Random Waifu (Or GirlFriend) From Various Franchises
What is your waifu? (NSFW) (801)
What kind of Waifu are you?
Who is your Wanderlust waifu/husbando? (56)
Who will you live a happily ever after with?
WHNL707 husbando/waifu life (53)
a description of your waifu/husbando career!
Who is Your RWBY Waifu? (891)
Pretty self-explanatory. Come on, don't be scared.
Your Hyperdimension Neptunia Waifu (357)
There are a plethora of lovely ladies from the Neptunia series! Which girl will you snag as a waifu,...
Valkyrie Crusade Waifu Summon! (65)
No tickets or jewels needed to summon! Absolutely free! May add more maidens occasionally. Mainly fo...
Who is Your Toradora Waifu? (75)
toradora is epic
Waifu/Husbando levels (418)
See whether you're a waifu or husbando and how good you are in each category
Government assigned waifu (274)
Just take it
0 by @vqmit
Monster Hunter: Personified Monster Waif... (1,200)
Alyssa’s waifuuu (7)
NDRV3 and SDR2/DR Waifu (70)
I tried.
Maginshi&039;s waifu (12)
0 by @MaginShi
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