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How you Awaken Your Persona (7,276)
How you go to the TV World and get your Persona
You and Your K-Pop Husband (5,525)
Includes over 85 male idols from EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, JYJ, B.A.P, U-KISS, BTS, SuJu and many more.
What protagonist are you? (4,059)
If you had your own TV show, what kind of main character will you be?
Sliding Scale of Beauty (3,850)
"While in Real Life the concept of beauty is very subjective, in fiction there is a clear conse...
TVTropes Character Generator (3,225)
Generates a set of tropes to inspire a character. You may need to look up tropes you are unfamiliar ...
Your Relationship with GMMTV Boys (3,063)
Find out what is your relationship with GMMTV Boys
What Super Sentai team are you? (2,499)
Super Sentai is a awesome show in Japan. If you watch it you will now some of these teams
Your TVXQ husband is...? (2,230)
Who is your TV5Q husband?
Who is your TVXQ's husband? (1,892)
Find out who really love you from the 5 ! ><
Your day in Westeros (Game of Thrones / ... (1,438)
Will you win the iron throne?
What character tropes do you have? (1,357)
Lelele random characterization tropes~ (I got it from TVTropes)
What Japanese stock phrase will you say? (1,232)
You can find them on TvTropes. :)
Who do you fall for? (1,029)
Kawaii love powers, actvate!
What type of character trope are you? Pa... (851)
Maybe the last one? http://tvtropes.org/
What type of character trope are you? (779)
If you don't know what a trope is...You've been missing out http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pm...
What is your Hero Ranking? (770)
The Season is over! Who is the new King Of Hero?
Catchphrase (729)
Wanna know what your chatchphrase, word or...? Eh... I dunno... Noise would be in a TV or anime seri...
Your Sitcom Cast (724)
Find out who you'll be stuck with. (It's okay to Google them - no one will look down on you)
Insane Daily Fortune! (660)
Contains insanity, anime, tv, games and some movies characters ._. (I'm sorry.)
Can you survive the Tv world of persona? (630)
This is to see if you can survive the tv world of persona 4
0 by @Domalomn
Which TVXQ member are you? (574)
Who could U be??? (OT5, AKTF<3 saranHAeyo)
What is your kintype/otherkin? (533)
On top of there not being many, I've noticed the other shindins have some unreasonable answers....
Your Day in Supernatural (523)
What're you going to do in Supernatural today?
TheValkyries (471)
Mayonaka TV~ (464)
Diagnoses your Soulmate in SMT series here
1 by @_Shun2801
Your Glee OTP (427)
Diagnoses your favourite Glee OTP
House Siguls (418)
For Game of Thrones what would your House Sigul be?
TVTrope Generator (375)
Generates 4 tropes to describe you!
Your life in an anime world (309)
What would your life be like if you lived an an anime? Who would you be? Your role will be random b...
TV Show Host (297)
You're the host... what's the show?
Meliodas (296)
Meliodas「メリオダス」 is the Dragon's Sin of Wrath and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the ma...
What member of TvH would be your waifu? (280)
Of course we all want to have a lovely TvH-waifu. But who would yours be?
What trope are you? [Power at a Price] (277)
Power. The ability to influence, create, change, and even destroy. Things, places, and people. Howev...
Kamu dan member TVXQ (266)
See what will you do with TVXQ5's Member
Which Breaking Bad Character.. (260)
Find out which Breaking Bad character you are.
Your Headcanon Cecil (215)
Decide your headcanon Cecil once and for all.
This is stupid. (195)
I'm bored.
Who is your GMMTV Boys Soulmate? (187)
Find out who is your soulmate among gmmtv boys
what tfa character are you (172)
which transformers animated character are you
Soap Opera Drama (169)
Your life as a tv show
Hanime.Tv Discord Chat uwu (155)
The End of [Character/Ship] (149)
Put in your fave game/TV Character or ship for a Idea for a animation or drawing for their end.
Axo&039;s Warrior Name Generator (149)
don't mind my other shindans please! this generates NON TRADITIONAL warrior names :) Thanks to ...
Silver Pines OC Generator (145)
Welcome to Silver Pines! Population: 4,443, and dropping. A weird glitch in a local news broadcast h...
Which Only Fools character are you? (143)
Which Only Fools and Horses character are you?
Something New - Music (139)
Need a new hobbie, tv show or something else? Try out something new!
Your young adult TV pilot (138)
What will the premise of your Young Adult TV Pilot be? Based on the series of books by somebody or o...
Talks about u at tv show bcs he crush on... (134)
(you're an idol too)
0 by @piyavvb
Arrowverse (130)
What CW arrowverse show are u on
What Starcraft 1&2 unit will you be? (128)
Contains LotV units, HotS units, Units from the first Starcraft 1 game, and also Campaign-exclusive ...
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