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Troll Name Generator (109,478)
What's your Troll name?
Chumhandle/Trolltag Generator (57,676)
Who's pestering you?
Homestuck Troll Generator (29,749)
You as a troll
Your Troll romance? (22,924)
Who are you with in the Homestuck Universe? What's your romance?
What troll are you? (18,064)
Discover what troll you are(counting with the ancestors)!
What's your Blood Colour? (16,907)
Find out which blood colour you are amongst the trolls!(Uses coloUrs and mayhem blood colour names)
Homestuck Blood Color (14,549)
Diagnoses your blood color if you were a troll.
Sexy Times With Mystic Messenger! (12,500)
from the same nasty sinner who brought you sexy times with knb teams, i bring you more sinning! take...
15 Games nsfw
What your troll horns look like (6,094)
Help with making your homestuck troll oc. Havimg trouble with horns? I got you covered fam.
Troll Name and Blood Color (4,822)
How sign is your patron troll? (4,255)
Find the sign of your patron troll.
Homestuck Fantroll generator (4,020)
get a fantroll! sorry 90 char limit.
Which Homestuck Character Likes You? (4,003)
Red, pale, and ashen quadrant possibilities. Includes all trolls and kids.
What are you in Homestuck? (3,601)
Discover your title and patron troll (canon only)
Troll Romance Shipper 1 (3,549)
Who is your Matesprit?
gov assigned homestuck kin [extended] (3,200)
pre and post scratch kids & trolls, + sprites, guardians n cherubs
Homestuck Troll (2,451)
Name, Blood, Horns, and Hair.
Your trolltag (2,326)
What weirdness of a trollhandle will result?
what kind of troll (2,319)
idk this is dumb
what homestuck character are you (1,964)
only the bata trollz
Troll Romance Shipper 3 (1,930)
Who is your Moirail?
Troll (1,622)
Skill Level
Who is your Kismesis? (1,483)
Which Homestuck troll would feel black for you? ;o
Trollsona Generator (1,451)
generates a Trollsona/Fantroll
Troll Romance Shipper 4 (1,354)
Who is your Auspistice?
Which Homestuck Troll And Kid Are You (1,325)
f8 m8
Homestuck party senario! (1,263)
All kids, trolls, and cherubs included!
Sburb session - 2 (Troll) (1,129)
Homestuckify (1,090)
Turn yourself into a Homestuck troll!
Fantroll Generator (1,031)
Create a troll name and a fantroll will be generated!
Which Homestuck Character Are You? (1,021)
Find out what Homestuck Character You are. So far just the kids and beta trolls.
gov assigned homestuck kin (929)
pre and post scratch kids & trolls
Pasangan kencanmu? Buat pecinta Anime (895)
Kemana dia akan mengajakmu? Anime troll XD
Fantroll/trollsona generator (823)
yeh i tried to include the most i could so.......hope u enjoy!! blood color / horns / lusus / specib...
Homestuck Character Gen (767)
Tired of actually giving a crap and trying to figure out what you would be like as a troll? Working ...
Your Ultimate Stats And Abilities (764)
Discover your two Abilities and your combat stats Passive type abilities are innate but can be cont...
Troll Horns and Hair (731)
What game should you play? (630)
Bored?Well pick up a controller and check this shindan out
Kehidupanmu di dunia Anime? Genre: Slice... (614)
Masukan Nama temanmu juga Fufufu XD
Troll Generator (602)
Generate a Homestuck troll name, blood colour, and lusus. Enter name in ALL CAPS!
1 by @Racesolar
Elaborate Blood Colours (597)
Blood colours including but not limited to those of the trolls.
Troll Romance Shipper 2 (579)
Who is your Kismesis?
what trollsprite would you be? (560)
find the****out
Alternian Identity (444)
What if you were a troll? What then? Guess what you are now.
What sort of troll are you? (441)
If you were an alternian troll from homestuck, what would you be like?
What Kind of Troller are you? (433)
Just find out what kind of Troller you are :D --MY FIRST ONE,DON'T EXPECT SOMETHING GOOD--
Star Pointer - Trick n&039; Troll (363)
when your halloween become meem
Fantroll Gen (334)
Put in a SIX letter name for your troll and get what they are!
Trollify Yourself (256)
Via chuckle-voodoos and ectobiological nonsense, this online system judges your name and figures out...
If the Shindanmaker trolls you (212)
I was sitting here for like an hours trying to make a shindan, but it didn't worked out after a few ...
1 by @MexxKite
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