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Signature Move Generator! (56)
Just a simple generator for a signature move. Y'know, the one you bust out at the climax of a b...
Are you a husbando, waifu, senpai, or...... (113,997)
Test yourself and find out :)
What's Your Trickster Food? (32,207)
Find out what food your trickster mode would be themed!
What is your anime opening? (24,934)
What is your intro's theme?
Awaken Your Persona (11,930)
Embrace your rebellious spirit and awaken the trickster sleeping within your soul! (Persona 5 themed...
Which Undertale Song Would Be Your Theme... (9,282)
With links. Some results have spoilers.
RWBY Combination Weapons Generator (7,224)
all you have to do is set what you want as a theme for the creation and the generator will search th...
Shrunken around your dog! [WARNING Vore ... (5,731)
WARNING: Macrophilia/Vorarephilia themed. Viewer discretion is advised. Title says it: You shrink wh...
What RWBY song is your theme song? (5,497)
Will include the ones that are known and trailer versions.
Your character song theme (5,363)
find out which personality you will show the most for your character song~!
3 #chsth
Your Touhou Theme Music (5,204)
If you were a Touhou, this would be your theme.
A Danganronpa SHSL Generator: (4,981)
For ideas regarding Danganronpa OC's. Some are way to serious, some are for spoofs. *I tried to...
2 DR
Persona for OC (4,541)
This is a random OC generator. It generates random themes
Kpop Wedding~ (2,735)
You and oppa/noona get married!! What will the wedding theme be????
What RWBY Vol. 2 Song is your theme? (2,607)
What is your Touhou theme? (2,494)
find out what stage and boss theme you'd have if you were in a Touhou game (already existing th...
What is your theme song? (2,488)
It's not supposed to make sense.
Jrock Dream Wedding (1,935)
Who are you going to marry? And what's your theme song?
Mogeko OC Generator (1,895)
Make your own Mogeko-Themed OC! This is mostly for personal use, but feel free to use it! Tell me if...
Your theme song (1,695)
The name of your theme song
~RWBY Theme Song~ (1,453)
The updated and improved version of my, RWBY theme song. Includes all songs from the show (even Volu...
Your opening theme and ending theme are? (1,384)
Warning: It won't contain your favorite anime songs, Sorry. I put the names of what name they ...
krbs retweet dare (1,355)
a "kuroko no basuke"-themed retweet dare! based on 217054.
what meme are you (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง (1,274)
IM SORRY I HAD TO also i cant list all of them so i'll try adding some sometimes but in the m...
Your eccentric animal life! (1,237)
Find out what kind of eccentric animal you are, what you love + your theme song!
KagePro Retweet Dare (1,202)
A "Kagerou Project"-themed retweet dare! Based on 217054.
ANCL Town Generator! (1,126)
A town for you to make, including a town theme and public works projects!
What Kagerou Project Song is your life? (1,089)
One of these songs is now your life. How screwed are you? lol jk. But no one of the songs is your ...
Your opening theme and ending theme are?... (932)
If you were an anime, these songs would be your opening theme and ending theme. Enjoy! Updated Ver:...
Theme Park Date! (866)
Go on a date with an Utapri boy to a theme park!
Inazuma Retweet Dare (862)
A "Inazuma Eleven"-themed retweet dare! Based on 217054.
Music: What is your theme song and where... (817)
Don't hate m8. Peace and Love. What is your theme and where will it play* Song - Artist. I d...
Draw yourself (801)
Draw yourself based on color, theme, power, weapon
Manga Girl Character Generator (801)
The first shindan I created, b/c we all need a bit of character inspiration @ times. Note: I gave ...
Your Jrocker Date (796)
who will be your romantic jrocker date and what is the theme song.
0 jrock
Miraculous Ladybug themes (765)
Random themes that could be helpful to artists. Please tag #mlrandomgen if you decide to use the ide...
Your Ace Attorney character theme (745)
Whose theme will you get?
What&039;s your theme song? (652)
Theme Songs! For you! Only EDM+ and unknown music are used. Because its the best *Opinion* Song - Ar...
Become a Puella Magi! (605)
Order goes: color, outfit theme, main weapon, additional power/fighting style/weapon, soul gem/grief...
Your Neru Theme Song (603)
What is your Neru (Vocaloid producer) theme song?
❤ Valentinesona ❤ (531)
A fun little random character generator! It is valentine themed~ interpret however you wish!
How padded are you? (529)
Find out how padded you will be, and how to use your padding. This is an ABDL themed Shindan
Your theme song~ (529)
Your Anime Opening (525)
Hopefully it's a good one.
KHR Retweet Dare (495)
a "Katekyo Hitman reborn"-themed retweet dare! based on 217054.
Alolan Form Idea Generator (435)
This is for the people or me to get ideas/inspiration by generating a theme and a pokemon :) (This w...
What&039;s the title of your leitmotif? (417)
A leitmotif is a recurring piece of music that represents a character, action, or theme. In this cas...
Theme mixer (399)
This will help you decide what kind of theme you want for you/a character
Christmas FE Heroes Generator (383)
What would this character be like in a Christmas themed event?
Imouto Theme for Imouto Day (376)
Know the type of your imouto for the day
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