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Transformative Thirstquencers Unrestrict... (7,128)
[NSFW 18+] The BAPZ for you, without any silly limits or regrets. Bar tended by @ikksplicit. Still t...
You&039;re feeling light-headed... (5,871)
whatever floats your bloat [some NSFW results]
Your Japanese Nickname (5,761)
your japanese nickname use this table to translate romaji to katakana: http://upload.wikimedia.or...
1 Name
Inflatable transformation (5,641)
What sort of inflatable will you become
Unstable Transformation Picker (WiP) (4,812)
You've incurred the wrath of Shindan and met with a terrible(?) fate! [CONTENT WARNING: YUCKY] ...
What Mythical* Creature?? (4,173)
*whether or not it's mythical is debatable but shh
How pettable are you, and where? (4,104)
Your otome game! (2,261)
Which famous otome game is the most suitable for you?
Gemsona Gem and Placement Generator (2,171)
I decided to make this to help some of you figure out a starting point for your gemsonas! I didnt ad...
Your Suitable Cosplay (Female) (1,833)
Diagnoses your suitable Cosplay
An Ornate Treasure Chest (1,820)
Find out what amazing magical weapon you'll wield.
Instant Fantasy OC (1,674)
Can't decide what to roll for your next tabletop campaign? we got u fam
Unstable Mutagens (1,497)
You drink a vial of a pinkish, viscous fluid... It's quite the extreme and unpredictable TF tri...
Miku Song Relation (1,259)
What Miku song do you relate to the most?
What D&D Race and Class are you? (1,161)
5th Edition
Your D&D Character (903)
Find out what type of D&D Character you'd be.
What Dungeons and Dragons race are you? (892)
Find out what Dungeons and Dragons race you ought to be, or maybe play next? With a huge list that i...
Disastrous sleepover Naruto (808)
The characters of Naruto have a sleepover and it ends in disaster. Try it and see... This is not su...
if you draw fgo male in other art style? (764)
what happen if you commission to draw male character in fate grand order on other notable mangaka/ga...
Your Magic Charm (757)
Mine is unstable 0-0
Monster of the Week Character Generator (750)
Generate a character for the tabletop RPG Monster of the Week!
Compatability with Victon (651)
How compatable are you with the members of Victon?
Are you a vegetable or a fruit? (623)
Are you a vegetable or a fruit?
0 by @Pounther
Your Uncomfortable Furry Date (575)
how many hotdogs u worth bro??? (516)
get @ me bros dogs are on the table how do u measure up?????
What Periodic Element are you? (504)
Just search up "They Periodic Table Song".
You in Sally Face (498)
Hi I made a thing for one of my fav games called Sally Face (created by Steve Gabry/Portablemoose) s...
0 by @mellarite
Jay&039;s Random Stuff Generator (492)
homestuck land? random objects/concepts? this is the place for you! we got everything from a table t...
🏵️ Original Character Generator 🌸 (484)
Create a rad character with my certain spin on quirks and stuff! The kind of thing I use to make my ...
What kind of table are you? (458)
Guess what kind of table you identify with.
Furry Twitter Bio Generator (440)
Every notice how every furry twitter bio follows a predictable pattern? Leading scientists have deve...
Which Life is Strange Character Are You? (346)
Well? Who are you? All notable and named characters from the game included.
Pathfinder (319)
Extensive race and class combinations included from 3rd party publishers. A generator for inspiratio...
Fantasy Food[Vegtable] (319)
This generator combines vegetables using a suffix and prefix, You will get names that sound like the...
what type of celery are you (315)
find out what kind of celery you are
You as a League Of Legends Champion (309)
You have been summoned into Summoner's Rift...but what role will you play in the inevitable bat...
My Unforgettable Memories (297)
what did you do in the past?
What element are you (279)
Are you fire, earth, water, wind, or one of the elements on the periodic table
your queer fantasy class aesthetic (267)
Gear up for some goddamn adventure
adoptable/oc theme (259)
themes updated whenever
Your Sweet Moment w/ INFINITE (217)
Unforgettable moment with one member Infinite._.
Alexis (165)
Knights of the Round Table (161)
12 Knight Version (no Arthur, and no Mordred)
Why did you get fired from your job? (160)
Unfortunately, it's relatable.
Your demon OC! (144)
Just another oc creator .3. (this generator may have themes that make people uncomfortable)
Periodic Table element? (142)
Hydrogen, Titanium, Oxygen, Nitrogen, or Sodium.
my phone (134)
what phone are suitable for u
0 by @handy_g
Your Anime Mech (133)
ever wonder what your giant fighting (and possibly highly marketable) robot would be? lets find out ...
Campaign (121)
Your Suikoden Quote (118)
suikoden quote that suitable for you
1 by @MiaKyun
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