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Touhou Maker (13,437)
What are you, what's your powers, and what stage are you in?
Nuest cooking for you (847)
Nuest cooking for you
Your own shoot'em up (629)
What kind of a shmup will you be making today?
What kind of Pokémon are you? (613)
Results change every day. 1st Generation Pokémon Only (For now).
college w/ stray kids! (494)
living w/ skz would be so messed up istg
NUEST shounen-ai (479)
You&039;re the Best Girl (442)
Now what made you the talk of the school and the conqueror of everyone's heart?
NUEST (439)
Yagawa Maker (94)
Create your own Yagawa game
Your Nu&039;est soulmate (41)
istg this is for fun only yeet yeet
Dariusburst CS Mission Maker (39)
Get a random permutation of stages, in stage-boss-stage-boss-stage-boss format, and a ship to go wit...
Stgijck (34)
idk this is bad
0 idk Love
gayestgaygaygaygayaxtually pan (31)
uh idk
Sjeedesdnjsidnkssisk (26)
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