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ur Romantic kpop story (24,673)
it's the romantic era b we goin 19th century. nct wayv bts loona twice shinee itzy txt
Who are your top 2 kpop matches? (20,486)
SHINee and You! (18,458)
Try =3
Short Scenario with SHINee (18,307)
your short fluffy or smutty scenario with one SHINee member or more
6 by @shineean
SHINee compatibility! (17,938)
what's your compatibility with shinee?? let's find out!
your dreams w your bias (16,979)
be happy. Just for fun
Your SHINee date (8,879)
Find out how your date with SHINee will go ^^
Your relation with kpop maknae&039;s (8,609)
groups included: - nct (127/u/dream) - bts - txt - exo - red velvet - backpink - stray kids - twice ...
Who is your SHINee husband? (6,900)
Will it be Taemin, Onew, Key, Minho or Jonghyun?!
Your Life with Shinee Oppars (6,572)
find out who you marry where u live and how many kids o ya
You and Your K-Pop Husband (6,246)
Includes over 85 male idols from EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, JYJ, B.A.P, U-KISS, BTS, SuJu and many more.
SHINee's Ideal (5,338)
let see :">
1 by @kemanacuy
Who kills you in the apocalypse? (And ho... (5,198)
Which K-Pop idol kills YOU in the apocalypse? And how did they do it? Includes: EXO, BTS, Seventeen,...
Your SHINee fate! (4,352)
Diagnoses your SHINee fate...
Your SHINee song! (3,217)
What a song are you?
who is your kpop husband?????! (2,780)
find out your kpop husband and who you cheated on them with? includes: exo, b.a.p, teen top, big ban...
your day with shinee (2,625)
how did your day go?
3 shinee
High School with SHINee (2,615)
You go to high school with SHINee?!
SHEXee Time (2,422)
So you meet EXO and SHINee. What happens then?
you going to school with shinee (2,160)
what happens if you go to school with shinee members follow @jjongfancams on twt
Your romantic night with Taemin (2,045)
find out what scenario you will be experiencing with Taemin ^^
SHINee ShindanSun (2,022)
for Shawols :D
SHINee and your luck. (1,933)
who knows what you're gonna get?
Ideal Date with SHINee (1,796)
Which SHINee member will date you, and what will he want to do? 25 different answers!
who’s ur kpop idol soulmate? (1,620)
find who’s your soulmate
Who will be your baby daddy (1,539)
We get it girl you love Got7, Shinee, & Bigbang
Your SHINee relationship (1,526)
Kick-ass Shindan maker for all I know. P/S it will be EXTREMELY random.
Who is your SHINee boyfriend? (1,227)
For Shawols~
Shinee<3 (1,199)
What is your fate with Shinee?
what song did jonghyun write thinking of... (1,130)
is it a happy one or a sad one? what was the reason?
Relationship with SHINee/EXO (997)
What's your relationship to SHINee and/or EXO? ;)
Shinee<3 (968)
What is your fate with Shinee?
SHINee day (692)
2 by @Kyahchloe
Hot SHINee imagines (672)
try it out
— who is your shinee boyfriend? 🌱 (570)
[Jonghyun] Baby Negae banhae beorin naegae wae irae Dureopdago mulleoseoji malgo Geunyang naegae mat...
vianashita (531)
date with SHINee or SJ (483)
how's ur date with SHINee/SJ?
0 by @haruonyou
which SHINee member is ur senpai? (462)
SHINee senpai~ please notice me!
What Does SHINee Like About You? (396)
Everything you read here is 100% true
kpop suburban bake sale feud (350)
you too can imagine your life as a suburban house spouse in a mortal feud. bts nct txt loona twice w...
Your romantic day with shinee!!! (263)
100% accurate
0 by @jongistic
Taemink (164)
0 by @mtianek
shinee fave (143)
SHINee is my life (109)
I lobe SHINee
Chloes comparability with Shinee (104)
Shinee compatibility
Pelusita (43)
anime kpop yaoi shinee boyfriend
¿Con quien de SHINee eres mas compatible... (28)
¿Cual es tu nombre?
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