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Your Seventeen Soulmates (4,919)
Who's your soulmate in Seventeen? Platonic and Romantic.
Platonic prompts (378)
Prompts for characters who are not in romantic relationships, because platonic relationships are goo...
Fire Emblem Fates Parings (273)
Cute parings, gay parings, clonecest ,incest, twincest, crack paring etc. What should you ship? Or ...
Your Idolmaster SideM OTP (156)
If you get a kid or something it's platonic by default but that's fun to think about to
How Phan are you? (47)
Let's see how much you ship two "platonic" British boys
your new imas AS ship (46)
note: i am not responsible for weird pairings resulting from this. if you don't like it, reroll...
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