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OTP prompt generator (82,081)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
Shingeki no Pairing (11,207)
Your OTP
Discover your Homestuck OTP (7,089)
Find out your one true pairing
Hetalia Pairing Generator v.2 (6,321)
Type in your name or a Hetalia character's name!
Who is your EXO One True Pairing? (6,138)
Who is the true pairing in your heart?
Your touhou lewd life (5,527)
Enter your name and figure out your lewd trip in Gensokyo!
your ultimate exo otp (5,154)
who's your exo one true pairing?
1 exo kpop
League Waifu (4,673)
Find out your League of Legends waifu here with the Pairing Eligibility Reactors of Valoran! ♥
What is your Homestuck OTP? (3,949)
Determines the homestuck pairing that your heart most desires.
Your Homestuck ship fic (⊙‿⊙✿) (3,316)
What Homestuck pairing fanfic are you destined to write?
Enstars Ship Generator (3,237)
Makes random pairings from Ensemble Stars.
How&039;d you like your waifu? (3,029)
sorry, only heterosexual and girl/girl pairings only for the moment (^_^;). No husbandos yet
VOCALOID pairing generator (2,864)
Will you find a decent pairing? A hilarious crack pairing? Or even an OTP? Let's see! (Includes UTAU...
Your Hetalia OTP (2,631)
Find your Hetalia OTP!
Pairing Descriptions (2,315)
Enter a ship name and find out what it's made of!
Hetalia Pairing Generator (2,162)
Type a name in and get your pair!
Promptter! (1,903)
Insert character(s)/pairing name and get a prompt!
Your Fanfic (1,833)
In your fanfic, your PSC pairing & genre are...
Homestuck Shipper v 2.0 (1,750)
Gives you a random ship! This version is slash pairings.
Homestuck Shipper v 3.0 (1,685)
Gives you a random ship! This version is fem!slash pairings.
Utapri Pairing Situation (1,609)
You walk in on two of the boys...doing what?! (nothing nsfw, don't worry these are pure bois)
Your Partner (1,445)
Need a partner? Pick one up here! Return them the next day if unsatisfied!
DR Murder Generator (1,284)
what the tin says
Yuri Pairing Generator [original] (1,216)
Generates 2 girls for heart-pounding yuri!!
Homestuck Shipper v 1.0 (1,145)
Gives you a random ship! This version is het pairings.
what bnha ship are you (1,108)
i'm screwing around ok, includes ot3s, a LOT of rarepairs, and more, manga spoilers?? you proba...
OTP prompts (998)
Enter your OTP's ship name or the names of the characters involved and you'll get a prompt...
Your Durarara OTP (952)
Choosing you Durarara Pairing
Which type of pairing do you ship? (860)
Diagnose which type of paring you ship!
johnnys/kishidan ship creator (805)
which johnnys/kishidan pairing should you ship today?
Kagepro crack pairing (718)
No Kagepro ships end well
a bizarre adventure indeed (717)
which jojo character are weirdos on the internet pairing you with and what will come of it?
Hetalia Fandomly Pairing Maker (682)
DAMMED Crack generator (658)
Generates DAMMED crack pairings...basically.
krbs pairing/prompt generator (552)
read title
Hetalia pairing: UKUS or USUK? (510)
Which one?
Aikatsu! OTP (498)
gay idols... or not (now with more s4)
Favorite AKB Pairing (471)
What is your favorite AKB pairing?
0 AKB48
Which Elspairing is your destiny? (470)
Insert your main character's name and see which class is destined for them to be with.
0 by @Unyubaby
ZZ R18 Crack Pairing Prompt Generator (430)
y'all are thirsty as hell
the ULTIMATE FG crack pairing (426)
what are they doing with who and who is that in the closet? fill in the name of your character.
Destined Fanpro OTP (420)
Deep down in your heart, this is the pairing you most desire.
Which RWBY ship should YOU ship? (404)
What pairing should you ship in RWBY?
anima solus pairing of the day (390)
put in your name and find the pairing of the day
Fandomly Pairing Generator v.2 (370)
You know what to do :P
Homestuck Shipper v 4.0 (368)
Gives you a random ship! This version is all kinds of pairings.
Voltron pairing (360)
Which is your Voltron ship?
What is your favourite pairing in " (317)
Your favourite pairing in The Undies
Touken Ranbu ship randomizer (317)
Label the pairings with Love = ❤ Like = ★ Okay = ✔ Dislike = ❖ Hate = ✗
The precious person you&039;re looking f... (312)
Potential pairing angst generator.
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