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OTP prompt generator (86,520)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
Obese Fur Art Idea Generator (8,479)
Add your OC's names and Draw it, basically. (or just not do anything, that's what these ar...
Your Korean Name! (95,080)
Get a Korean name here~! (Both masculine and feminine included)
Your Korean Names (40,550)
get your korean name
Yandere Simulator Student Maker (35,702)
Note - For best results, enter your FULL name for diagnosis (you don't have to worry about midd...
What's your Blood Colour? (16,648)
Find out which blood colour you are amongst the trolls!(Uses coloUrs and mayhem blood colour names)
Your stripper name (15,714)
The name you should take if you are a stripper
Your Steven Universe Fusion! (14,979)
What is your own fusion, and their traits? (Do name1 x name2, or their names together/ ship name.)
Your Korean Name (14,310)
let's start!
オラオラオラオラ (7,089)
jojosona generator because i can. i'm procrastinating. don't look at me-- all stand names ...
Your ghettoqurl name (6,141)
These are all actual names reported by people
Persona Character/OC Generator (4,590)
this makes a COMPLETELY ORIGINAL PERSONA OC!! all school names, personas, etc are original!!! go wil...
Your truth name! (3,958)
Let´s know your real name!
Idol Anime/Game Brand Generator (3,752)
Need some names for an Aikatsu/PriPara/Dream Festival/Original Brand? Try this!
Potion Roulette 2 (3,001)
Welcome back this time you can get a better mixture of results but I still challenge anyone to share...
Love Tester (2,953)
Enter two names or a ship name and get compatibility.
what does your name mean? (2,940)
find out what your name means
0 names
FEM RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (2,877)
Removed x due to some names appearing as ***
Which Persona 3 Character Are You? (2,795)
Find out which of the Persona 3 crew you are most likely! (Note: I'm using video game and manga...
Magic Potion Roulette (2,755)
I challenge you to write in your friends names and write a story.
You're a Horrible Disease (2,591)
Now, go forth and infect! (All disease names are real, look them up!)
which undertale character are you! (2,590)
who are you!! some spoilers for the names of later-in-game monsters, but otherwise safe!
Whats your Zootopia Name? (2,479)
Find your Animal/Zootopia Name.
What Anime Power do you possess? (2,344)
find out your random anime power. I put the names of the anime down, so if you don't know the p...
Vore story prompt (2,215)
(First try at one of these) Writing prompt for any vore authors out there. It will occasionally use ...
Fire Emblem Fates Date♂ (2,213)
Will the date end in a S-rank..!? (Japanese names used)
What's your fantasy name? (2,085)
Making up fantasy names is easy.
What Is Your Trans Dude Name (2,051)
Testosterone is cool!
Homestuck Name Gen (1,650)
Homestuck character name generator. This includes Kid names, troll names, and ancestor names. Many n...
Horrible Nickname Generator (1,594)
I encourage you to collect and hoard as many horrible names as you can possibly manage, like some ki...
Where on Cybertron were you born? (1,577)
Cybertronians are created through two confirmed methods: they are either "Forged" or "...
Nickname Creator (1,487)
Get the most awesome nickname Always adding new names
Buddha Name Generator (1,475)
Reveals your Name upon Liberation
Your opening theme and ending theme are? (1,397)
Warning: It won't contain your favorite anime songs, Sorry. I put the names of what name they ...
Tomato Hentai&039;s Username Generator (1,383)
Generates super kool usernames like "MLG Sans", "All-American Mpreg", "Hung...
Character Relationship Generator (1,326)
Create some characters. Make them smooch 😘 The names are totally random so the genders are too! 🏳️‍🌈...
What is your Japaneese Name? (Female &am... (1,249)
Find out!
~~First Name Generator~~ (1,180)
Trying to come up with a name for a character in a story? Or having a baby, but can't think of ...
OTP prompts (1,159)
Enter your OTP's ship name or the names of the characters involved and you'll get a prompt...
PMMM Witch Generator (1,103)
Makes simple randomized Witch type and natures. Some natures are from canon witches. Does not provid...
Seventeen Ship You Should Read Next (1,049)
There's a lot of ships for these boys, real and stage names will be used (if I put an incorrect...
Warrior Cat Name (992)
Just your name! Kind of just a name generator for if you need names... :3
What&039;s your code name? (987)
Ever wanted a code name? Get yours now!
What you do on twitter? (984)
!!!Please use twitter usernames!!!
A Day With Seventeen (949)
I tried to make it funny so I hope y’all enjoy! (btw I used their real names because why not) (this ...
What is you Transformer name? (943)
Name and Alt Mode. ~ Please note, about 90% of the names that come out of this will be Sue. U Mad?
Tribe Cat Generator! (Warriors) (924)
Create a random cat from the Tribe of Rushing Water! Sorry for any strange names.
Color Palette Generator (897)
Colors! Get a Color Palette as well as how much to use of each!!~ *Not sure why some of the color...
Fantasy Names (862)
Diagnoses fantasy names.
1 by @KaoriBoop
What would your special someone call you... (861)
Prepare for ooey gooey petnames
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