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Alchemy! (6,021)
You've met a mysterious alchemist seeking a love potion, but they've tasked you with colle...
Your Rare Illness Is... (3,202)
What could be your rare illness?
What Disease you would likely develop (590)
Which character from SSBU will fart on y... (477)
Which character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will fart on you. (This is intended to be comedic!)
TDXLabs Medical Drug Generator (363)
TDXLabs Medical will develop and release a new drug with (parts of) you as key ingredient, ready to ...
Cancer Diagnosis (162)
This diagnosis will help to determine what type of cancer you may have.
Patent Medicine Generator (Sawbones Insp... (112)
Want to make money and run a medicine show? Or do you just want to cure that weird growth? This one&...
Warriors Naming Ceremony (104)
Receive your Warrior (or Medicine Cat) Name and Official Clan
medical (35)
Medic load-out randomizer (26)
Type in your name or steam user name and play tf2 with this load-out
R3za (1)
Internal medicine
0 by @Rnugraha
darby (0)
woman who is attracted to men with serious mental problems and need medical help. yes i’m a scorpio ...
0 by @darbyyigo
Yeollipops (0)
student of the medical university
Karlatrevino (0)
Residency in Internal medicine
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