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Danganronpa Character Creator (18,267)
A character for a Danganronpa killing game (if you can't think of one)!
Danganronpa Generator (53,189)
MC - Main Character MM - Mastermind S - Survived K - Killer V - Victim T- Traitor
Danganronpa Fate Decision (15,676)
If you were in a killing game, what will be your fate?
Complete Fate Servant Generator (84,289)
This Shindan tells you what kind of servant are you in Fate series. It includes: 1. Class 2. Alignm...
Who will kill you? (41,700)
Diagnoses your killer.
fvck marry kill [EXO] (34,532)
lets play!! (*^3^)/~♡ [please remember that this is all just for fun]
Danganronpa Ultimate Title! (22,640)
Has both class number and title. Contains talents, skills, professions, and innate values. Will add ...
Cause of death generator! (19,680)
How does you're character(or you) die? UPDATED BECAUSE OF POPULARITY, 3/14/18: Choking and suic...
Will you kill yourself? (15,727)
Will you though?
How Much Do People Hate You? (13,881)
How're they planning on killing you and why?
1 by @Mach2Bat
Will X survive a Danganronpa Killing Gam... (12,475)
Place a character in the Shindan and you'll get a % chance of whether they'll survive a Da...
How Would Pledis Ruin Your Career? (11,411)
We all know Pledis is a hole where talent goes to die! How would Pledis kill your bright spark?
What Danganronpa Character Kills You? (10,555)
Characters of 1 and 2. :D Also some beary special ones!
Your School Stats (chart) (10,207)
Like the last Shindan, this time in chart form! See my 'Your School Stats' Shindan for a v...
Your bedroom skills (9,547)
Hoe good at pp + fpp are you?
Your Ultimate Skill (7,995)
The main antagonist nearly died, what skill will you use to finish him/her?
RWBY Combination Weapons Generator (7,864)
all you have to do is set what you want as a theme for the creation and the generator will search th...
Life in Danganronpa V3 (6,494)
You wake up in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and soon after, you are forced to participa...
FE:H Unit Generator (6,152)
Your stats and skills as a Fire Emblem: Heroes unit!
Will *blank* Survive A Danganronpa Killi... (6,072)
This is based on this Shindan: https://en.shindanmaker.com/732361 But the results are permanent.
How good are your bedroom skills? (Male) (6,026)
This shindan generates a radar-type graph that depicts how good you are when it comes to certain ski...
Naruto f**k, marry & kill! (5,727)
Find who in Naruto you're going to f**k, marry & kill~
Life in Danganronpa 2 (5,545)
All that you/character can remember, is arriving at Hope's Peak. Then you wake up on an island ...
which stand do you get killed by (5,286)
which jjba stand kills you
****Marry, Kill (Seventeen Edition) (4,712)
Who would you end up with? ;)
Who Will Kill You? (KPOP VER.) (4,659)
ya ya ya oppa doesnt like you he'll kill you
what would your pentagraph look like? (4,638)
how would your skills rank if you were on pentagon maker?
EXO Kiss, Kill, Marry (4,502)
Who will you kiss, kill, and marry?
RPG Skill (Description) (4,462)
Just description. Use it wisely.
What is your fate in Danganronpa? (4,408)
You were dragged into a Danganronpa killing game... Did you survive? TW: DEATH AND SUICIDE
How good are your bedroom skills? (Femal... (4,354)
This shindan generates a radar-type graph that depicts how good you are when it comes to certain ski...
Hunter x Hunter: Skills (4,024)
OK, so you've got the basics of Nen down, but which of the advanced techniques are you most sui...
who in x1 kills you (3,834)
im bored
Who kills you in the apocalypse? (And ho... (3,791)
Which K-Pop idol kills YOU in the apocalypse? And how did they do it? Includes: EXO, BTS, Seventeen,...
Life in Danganronpa THH (3,737)
You or a character of your choice, wake up in an empty classroom, not knowing how you got there. The...
Complete Personas Generator (3,678)
This Shindan tells you what kind of Personas are you in Persona Series. it includes 1.Arcana 2.Skil...
Will You Survive Danganronpa?? (3,653)
Find out if you can survive a killing game!
Hiding a Homestuck Secret? (3,589)
Only you knows this..
How are you going to be killed (3,554)
This is the way in which your death shall occur
Your JoJo Death (3,354)
How will you meet your demise in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Warning: slightly graphic.
FGO Servant Skills (3,330)
hey, more slots to play with pair this with the FGO stat generator for more fun
SHINGEKI NO F/M/K!!! (3,259)
Shingeki no Kyojin F*ck, marry, kill!!!
Your Life as a Chess Piece (3,155)
Will you take glory and kill the enemy king? Or will you be the first to die?
1 by @Mytholite
FGO Servant Card Generator (3,135)
"Yorokobe, shonen." Generates your class, rarity, alignment, cards, NP card, stats, 3 serv...
What branches of magic are you most skil... (3,122)
A simple shindan that depicts your magic ability in certain branches of magic. I was thinking about ...
Love Live! FMK (2,910)
which girl will you fuçk, marry, or kill?
SAO Weapon Skill (2,878)
Weapon Skill Generator from Anime SAO(Sword Art Online)
What character are you in Akame ga Kill? (2,872)
Akame ga Kill characters!
What kind of Serial Killer R U (2,790)
find out how you would be remembered
Who and why did a BTS member kill you? (2,520)
A BTS member has killed you.
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