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What is your OCs personality? (280)
This test is meant as a small little joke, so you can use it however you wish.
whats ur a/b/o status/scent (87,793)
i am NOT a furry this is just fun a nd jokes I SWEAR IN MY LIFE JUST LAUGHS
What If We Kissed (55,942)
I used a lot of references and memes (credit to @poisonivykin on twitter for the Home Depot joke)
Diagnosised your FETISH! (20,688)
What is your FETISH? lol (This is a Joke diagnosis!)
Danganronpa Kin Generator (13,294)
get your government assigned danganronpa kintype here (NOTE: this is a joke. Don't take this te...
pokemon boyfriend (6,546)
diagnosis your poke boyfriend (joke only!!)
Who is your lovely soul mate? (6,203)
Every result will come true one day! [edit: joke for friends!!]
Fujoshi/Fundansi Level (4,880)
Know your fujo/fundan level.This is just a joke guys
Government Assigned Factkin (3,243)
find out your official cursed factkin right here (EDITED whenever i think of more celebrities)
What's your problem? (2,965)
You've got some issues, man...
This is How Your BOOBS like. (2,342)
The result is joke. For any help, here is my twitter: https://twitter.com/IdelHahaha ^_^
Dream BLCD (1,986)
Diagnoses your dream BLCD you are listening to. Note that there are seiyuu here who do NOT DO BL!! T...
Are you Genocidal, Neutral, or Pacifist ... (1,478)
A diagnostic to show if you're going to kill everyone, no one, or someone today. (Please note, ...
Your Utapri Admirer? (1,458)
Is there an utapri boy out there who likes you? Could it be you're already married? (Almost ent...
Touhou fanon/jokes (1,299)
Which Touhou character, according to fanon, are you?
look ur dating overwatch now (1,274)
this is a joke what the hecc ecks dee lamayo
How much of a degenerate are you? (1,189)
A shindan that says how much of a degenerate you are. Don't take it seriously, it's a joke...
Bloodborne Character, Oath and Death Ran... (1,159)
Randomizes a character from the pool of available equipment. Oaths are from the covenant runes. Deat...
Instant Shakespearean Insult Machine (1,149)
Generate a sick Shakespeare-inspired burn!
What&039;s My DBZ Power Level? (1,120)
A silly joke thing I made.
Fairy Tail Life (1,028)
Find out how your life is in FT, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friends, guild, magic and much more! I h...
Who are your Anime Parents? (1,024)
Simple as that. Fine it out here, obviously a joke. You love your real parents and wouldn't tr...
[NSFW] Losing Your Virginity (991)
If you haven’t already lost it... THIS IS A JOKE BTW PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!
2 by @LiaRudeen
How will you die? (Special) (972)
Inside Joke Edition
What joke are you? (956)
It's Joke
How much you wanna fight Joshua Hong? (817)
the title says it all (this is a joke please don't come for me)
genderweird generator (775)
i'm not cis/this is not a joke.
Bad Luck (768)
Bad stuff that will happen to you. Don't worry, it's all just a joke 8'D
Your Relationship with Vocaloids~ (758)
Diagnoses your relationship with vocaloids. Just a joke.
exo scandal (728)
This shindan just a joke , dont take so serious
How are you going to die (687)
Find out how you're going to die (it's a joke (obviously))
ClydeTheSkeleton (664)
Similar to Sans he suffers depression from a non-caring death. but he loves jokes and is seen wearin...
Who are you secretly? (607)
Find out who you are! Now with inside jokes. Please, don't shoot me. I am but a child.
What is your future partner like? (599)
What is your future partner like? This is a joke btw.
Duel generator (593)
Who will you face in the ring of honor?
Your Fódlan Family (590)
Who&039;s the only person in the world t... (559)
HTF Death (544)
What kind of HappyTreeFriends-ish death awaits you? -can be cruel, only joke, ofc-
How did you die? (537)
how ded you died did deded. Great for OCs. Put them in here. Cry. You're welcome. Be aware some...
His Hand On My Shoulder (485)
Which version of this game do you like best? (Inside joke-ish, February Sleepover) Beware of disturb...
Who Is Your Fullmetal Alchemist boyfrien... (477)
Du u wan 2 git fma butfren but u don kno hoo 2 chos? noh u kin fin out. (joke shindan)
which digimon r u (470)
oh man i cant wait to see
Perfect Destiny (469)
Inside joke diagnosis
0 Ha
your better look (457)
you will look better if... ((this is a joke!))
Lead the way! (452)
Lost? I lead the way! (this is a joke lol)
If You Were A Country, Which One Would Y... (452)
what country are you ( THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE OFFENSIVE, ITS A JOKE )
what does your pokemon think of you? (443)
i ran out of ideas quickly may add more. also pls don't take some certain results seriously the...
what does bts think of you? (437)
omg this is a joke please don’t get sad
how GAy am I? (430)
a joke lol
Work Nickname from an Inside Joke I Have (395)
This is silly.
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