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Male muscle/hyper growth! How big will y... (27,112)
You're getting huge! How big will you get, how will you grow, and what will you do after?
How milky do you get? [NSFW] [HYPER] (13,761)
Everyone loves boobs and milk, so how much milk do you produce?
My Hyper Furry Bodybuilder Boyfriend (11,571)
Who's your big hunky new encounter?
Preggo Meter [NSFW] [HYPER PREG] (11,333)
You have just gotten pregnant. See who impregnated you and how big you have gotten.
Bara Kemono + Hyper Meetup (8,620)
Find out who is your perfect match and how you two meet- that is, if you like overly endowed, huge-a...
33 gay kemono
Magical Girl Fabulous -Hyper- (8,472)
a strictly superior magical girl diagnostic device
Your hyper muscle furry avatar (7,567)
Find out how big and huge your muscle hyper self would be!
Furry Male Science (7,546)
Time to test on some male furry subjects! So grab your lab coat and have some fun! It contains musc...
Your Hyper Furry growth (7,458)
This diagnosis will tell you what furry you will become, how big you will grow and why . Includes: s...
Dick growth! [HYPER] (6,443)
Quantitative version! Lotsa numbers and whatnot. How much did you grow and how quickly? *Hyperness ...
A Special Rear View (6,177)
You (or whomever you may choose) desire a bigger tush, but how exactly will this be accomplished? Ju...
Find out where your weight is (5,582)
See the new weight of your character spread across different parts of the body.
Kemono Cum Meter (5,188)
See how much your Kemono can cum. Is it just a trickle or will he cause the next great flood?
How much can you cum? [HYPER] (5,181)
So you can fill up a gallon jug with a single stroke - big deal! Just how much can you really cum? ...
Hyper Puberty (5,081)
Everybody hates puberty; hypers have a reason.
Cummies (4,711)
You came! How much, how quickly?
My Own Butt Bully! (4,170)
Who's your butt bully?
What Hyperdimension Neptunia girl will y... (3,914)
find out who you date in Hyperdimension Neptunia, and how it goes.
Your First Time (2,911)
Insert the name of whatever creature you want to share your first time with :D
A Female OC Generator (a tad over the to... (2,334)
Calculates height, B/W/H, and ideas for hobbies and personality. Over 26 trillion possible combinati...
what is your bigness (1,634)
See how big you are, from walnuts and mangos to made up measurements.
Neptunia girl Date (1,430)
What Hyperdimension Neptunia girl will you date and where
Hyper Furry Maker (1,402)
Jump in and become a Hyper Furry yourself.
Expansion Quest RPG (983)
The character of your choice does a quest, receiving levels of ambiguous size increases.
Who is your Hyperdimension Neptunia waif... (612)
Lets see... ^~^ (Note: only godesses)
Are you abosolutely love HyperDimension ... (582)
Test your love on Hyperdimension Neptunia
Your Hyperdimension Neptunia Waifu (460)
There are a plethora of lovely ladies from the Neptunia series! Which girl will you snag as a waifu,...
Which Hyperdimension Neptunia character ... (412)
HDN has a TON of characters, so not all of them will be here. Sorry.
Your Own IIDX SP 8-dan-tter (318)
Gives a singleplay 8th-dan IIDX course designed especially for you! (All results are on Hyper diffic...
Your Ao Oni fate (210)
first time making a shindan and what better way to start than by making one out of my biggest hyperf...
Hyper BERRY (142)
What&039;s your 100% Orange Juice charac... (141)
Find out what your OJ character's stats and hyper would be like.
Are you a real bitch (114)
Find out if you are the realest bitch that rests above all hoes
Retarded shit head (42)
A crazy lunatic that is very hyper active and an out going extrovert
just hyper af (37)
Hjorns (27)
A faceless guy whose arms are amorphs. He can't feel pain. His super powers are to deform his a...
0 Games
Missyunfa (16)
hyper active gamer girl
0 by @missyunfa
Meiki (15)
Cute and hyper. But she gets sad and angry easily. She gets very aggressive when angry.
0 by @CyuFuu
Ella what a fella (10)
Very hyper, funny, I misbehave sometimes, rude
HyperPlayer08 (9)
Jelo Chan (9)
Young, Otaku, Kpop-addict, lil bit crazy idiot hyper and pyscho
Hwall-o! (7)
an choco-humor hyper
Renji (3)
Is such a mood swinger, ambivert, is a hyper, there are times its talkative and quiet.
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