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How Attractive are you from 1-100? (168,332)
This will tell you your attractiveness from 1 to 100. (Please remember that this is all for FUN! Ple...
What is your keyblade? (27,963)
Create your own Kingdom Hearts Keyblade! Will you take it up for defending Light... or Darkness?
Love Letter Confession!~ (97,126)
There's something in your locker... What could be hidden within this heart-stamped envelope?!
43 by @_emitan_
Tall Girlfriend Generator (42,385)
which tall beauty will claim your heart....
Touhou Bride (19,912)
Do you have a favorite Touhou character, you wish would be yours forever? Let's find out if your hea...
Your Tweetheart stats (11,607)
What makes you the Tweetheart you are? Random stats that you're better not knowing off what the...
What is your heart made of? (7,058)
Find out what your heart is made of!
What you REALLY mean when you say "... (6,438)
Are you true to your word, or a regular heartbreaker?
Who is your EXO One True Pairing? (6,146)
Who is the true pairing in your heart?
Even Taller Girlfriend Generator (5,503)
In reference to and with inspiration from the Tall Girlfriend Generator by @wrangelisland... generat...
What Disney Song Are You? (5,041)
Who doesn't love Disney songs? I say its time for you to find out which one you are at heart! :D
Your role in Kingdom Hearts (5,012)
Who you are in the series
Your Kingdom Hearts date (3,999)
Diagnoses your ideal KH date.
What is your Homestuck OTP? (3,957)
Determines the homestuck pairing that your heart most desires.
Kingdom Hearts OC Generator (Specific) (3,875)
An OC Generator that gives a possible weapon and Stats from the Kingdom Hearts series
Your Furry Valentine (3,645)
Find out who your furry sweetheart will be, and how you'll spend the day together!
Who will win Your heart?! (Undertale) (3,550)
Who'll be the one? :3
What kind of yandere are you (2,834)
With a loving heart and a dark mind, you're hot on the trail of your beloved, resolved to follo...
What Kingdom Hearts Char R You (2,671)
kingdom hearts character, includes Final Fantasy and Disney characters.
What does your heart beat to? *EXO Editi... (2,479)
How the dads of Dream Daddy see you (1,994)
Have you captured the daddies' hearts, or have they blocked you on Dadbook?
Your Fire Emblem Waifu (1,988)
Find out which Fire Emblem character your heart truly desires. Contains Every Single playable unit f...
Kingdom Hearts 2 partner (1,922)
Just for fun. Don't take it seriously
Your creepypasta future (1,916)
It's all in the title, sweetheart.
Uta No Prince-Sama - Secret Rendezvous (1,902)
You meet up with an idol in secret...and do what!? (May contain everything from heart-thundering rom...
Secret Homestuck OTP (1,892)
We all have our OTPs. But deep down in your heart, there's that one guilty ship, which you can't hel...
People who secretly ‘n silently Luv U (1,873)
You make their hearts beat faster. How many people are there?
Your Kindgom Hearts Life! (1,835)
Your life in Kingdom Hearts. Hope you like it! It took 2 hours to finish :)
Yuri Pairing Generator [original] (1,222)
Generates 2 girls for heart-pounding yuri!!
Your Tales of Life (1,164)
Based on a Kingdom Hearts one I did. For the Tales of Series.
Which Character of KH you are? (1,162)
Diagnoses which character of Kingdom Hearts you are
0 Games KH
[Dragon Age] Romance Generator (1,139)
Find out who you're going to romance, and how you'll win their heart.
Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Name Generator (1,054)
Generate your Keyblade Name
Anime-like love confession ?! (1,007)
What if you were an anime or manga character and were about to confess your love ?! Will you follow ...
Which Danganronpa girl is in love with y... (958)
Ever wonder which girl would fall for your little lesbian heart? Well, this is the generator for you...
Psychiatric diagnosis (912)
Diagnose your heart
Arcana Heart Main (881)
Find out your main character and Arcana.
Pure of heart Dumb of ass levels (878)
This is a test to see your pure of heart and dumb of ass levels.
Your role in the Kingdom Hearts series (776)
Find out your role in the whole Kingdom Hearts series!
the anime guy you&039;ll marry ... (girl... (721)
consists of Durarara!!, KNB, KnA, Vampire Knight, Pandora Hearts, Tokyo Ghoul, Free, and Shingeki no...
0 Anime
Hearthstone Card Generator (692)
Generates random name with random stats and manacost with random tribe and random car text.
What is your otherkin identity? (607)
I will scan your soul and tell you what is inside your heart
What your heart mirrors to? (569)
Which Adventure Zone NPC are you? (468)
Which one of these good good Griffin boys are you in your deepest heart of cybersex Joe Biden
What is your heart feeling? (463)
Everybody's heart has something to say...
You&039;re the Best Girl (442)
Now what made you the talk of the school and the conqueror of everyone's heart?
School Life Anime Movie Summary! (420)
An anime movie starring you (as a schoolgirl), set to tear apart the audience's hearts. How swe...
Destined Fanpro OTP (420)
Deep down in your heart, this is the pairing you most desire.
What is your Fursona? (347)
Heres your fursonas!!!1!!1 Wroked reallg heart ib ut.
Who&039;s Your SEVENTEEN Heart Breaker (341)
This is not real one so don't get it Seriously
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