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RPG Power Stats (520)
Do you have the skills to be in an RPG Game? Lets find out!! (Covers Health, Power, Defense, Magic ...
TDXLabs Medical Drug Generator (357)
TDXLabs Medical will develop and release a new drug with (parts of) you as key ingredient, ready to ...
chef (279)
diagnoses your{health}
Which Pillar of Nosgoth are you affliate... (216)
Each Pillar, and their respective Pillar Guardian, was assigned to a principle: Mind, Dimension, Con...
Nutritional Sticky Bar Maker (144)
Take some sticky fruits, protein-filled nuts and healthful additives and stick them in a food proces...
BMI Calculator (132)
This ain't real btw, just to make fun of people. Learn how goddamn obese you are.
Kingdom Hearts OTPs (112)
Enter your name for your government-issued KH OTPs (note: randomized and thus might not be healthy)
RC level (101)
"A healthy person has an average RC level of 200 to 500. In comparison, a ghoul displays level...
HP Checker (53)
Check your total health.
0 by @coomer_is
honey deacon (47)
Male (transgender), Very Pale, Fat (healthy weight), Incredibly Short, Boyish, Mid-length, Wavy,Li...
Madlad system syndrome (47)
This deasise will manifest in many annoying health defects that are not lethal . Example : cuts unde...
Should you wear a mask? (32)
Check and see if you should wear a face mask during this global pandemic
pAulaWyNe (18)
A college student dealing with golden child and imposter syndrome simultaneously. Just trying to fin...
0 by @pk9231
Desiree (18)
Five feet five. sun kissed skin. brown maple eyes. short brown healthy hair.
recipeter (18)
brave and wise
What is your health diagnosis? (18)
What is your health diagnosis?
How much Health do you have? (8)
Find out how much health you have from Minimum 1 to Max 999. Idk Im bored
My health66y (3)
Im dying pls help me
Vladislav (1)
My health
Marissa King (0)
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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