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Gleeplotter (13,923)
What is your role on Glee?
0 by @miggylol
Glee Fic Maker (2,744)
What fanfic will you be known for?
0 by @miggylol
glee life... glife (1,659)
what would your life be like if you were in glee
What do you need? (1,123)
Tells y'all what ya need.
2 glee
Glee Spoilers (1,040)
You talk more than Nicole Crowther.
0 by @miggylol
Glee Shipper (947)
What Glee ship will you become famous for, and what's your most well-known story?
0 by @miggylol
Glee Maker (460)
Here’s your Glee Life!
Your Glee OTP (410)
Diagnoses your favourite Glee OTP
glee simulation (245)
imagine if you were actually in glee ahahaha
Are you not ugly? (184)
See if you're ugly or not,
Which Glee Character are you based on yo... (99)
Self explanatory uwu
What Kurt fic would you write? (85)
Would you write a Kurtbastian smut fic or a Kartie AU?
Your relationship with the glee club! (66)
find out if you’re rachel’s best friend or santana’s arch rival?
Glee (63)
who Gleekers you are?
Haileyy (10)
0 by @Slushiies
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