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Kink Checklist (15,907)
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Your Day at the Mall (8,124)
What will happen to you at the (very corrupt) mall? Find out! Contains: Furry, vore, musk, other rel...
[R-18] BL Role! (6,648)
WARNING: Contains NSFW stuff. And weird af fetishes. (Comment any fetish I might've missed and ...
8 BL Yaoi Gay
Furry stranger encounter! NSFW! (5,576)
Contains foot fetishes, musk love, and farting (depending on chance). Also testing, because it'...
Secret fetishes (2,209)
Sorry not sorry.
Spying on Kinne (1,805)
What shenanigans will Kinne encounter on the day you stalk her? (WARNING: Erotic content and fetishe...
Foetidus Ad Pueros (Frat House) (WIP) (1,104)
You had recently joined a fraternity nearby, you hoped all it would gift you would be a nice place t...
What makes you moist? (819)
What goes on in your darkest fantasies?
My Furry Vore Adventure (720)
If You Get Eaten or Someone Gets Eaten By You, You Might Just Get In Hunger or Someone Get In Hunger...
DLsite Work Generator (634)
Write down a title and make the next indie hentai hit (Results simplified from actual DLsite listing...
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