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9O fortune slips (55)
A fortune teller beckons you over. Would you like to see your fate and what they recommend?
BMI Diagnosis (61)
How fucking fat r u
Kaiju TF and Weight Gain (118)
What Kind of Kaiju and how big will you be
The Reset Facility (57)
Appliances all across the globe are being taken from their homes, to be "evaluated". If y...
What is your Your Turn To Die fate? (99)
You are kidnapped forced into a sadistic murder game! How will you go through?
Mega Muscle Fatty Macro (151)
Your Overwatch League Fate (25)
who do you play for? what do you main? did you even make it past tryouts? find out here :p
Your True Fate Servant (57)
Lets just say I got a little bored and was writing a story and needed something to choose a randomly...
◈ Servant Generator (Fate/Grand Order) (134)
How fat did you become? (469)
Includes weight gain, stuffing, and gas, aimed at mecha like transformers
Danganronpa fate (259)
Describes what would happen to you if you were a character in a Danganronpa game
Government Assigned Watcher (50)
Nightwatch Universe - what kind of watcher are you, and what is your fate?
Todd&039;s fate? (13)
You wouldn't get it.
what anime would you belong in? (25,173)
tells you what anime you belong in, what character you are, and what your fate within the fictional ...
4 by @svtvirgo
Ideas de Engorde (85)
Generador de ideas para historias de personajes engordando.
Fatness (46)
Heroic Spirit Incarnation (337)
What would you be if you were summoned to serve in a holy grail war.
Determine Your UniKingdom Fate! (37)
This is a simple survery I made for all UniKitty fans out there, just for fun! I do not intend to h...
What would your fate be in DDLC? (102)
What would happen to you in DDLC? (DDLC SPOILERS AHEAD!)
Fate&039;s Resolve Generator (101)
What kind of mf are you.
Your Pokemon Daddy (318)
You are the kind of person who is serching for a sexy pokemon partner? don't wait anymore! now ...
Fate stats (150)
What you luck on this stares
Are YOU the father? (169)
For joke purposes
What Weight and Body Type Are You? (3,358)
See how heavy and what shape you are if you got fat!
Your FGO Support List (112)
With All FGO Servants and Anime Characters
Your True Noble Phantasm (166)
Noble Phantasms straight from the Type-Moon wiki. (Had to bust my buns to do this)
Nasuverse Name (1,135)
Basically what Nasu would name you
A Stranger(&039;s) Fate? (301)
Make up a name for an OC and see what they were and how things turn out... ANTHRO FURRIES ARE POSSIB...
Fate/Nasuverse name generator (335)
Discover your authentic Nasuverse name, along with your occupation and the Origin of your soul.
Quem vc seria em fortim ? (1)
Descubra quem você seria em fortim em outras vida , esse teste é baseado em fatos de porra nenhuma
What is your fate in Danganronpa? (3,446)
You were dragged into a Danganronpa killing game... Did you survive? TW: DEATH AND SUICIDE
Newly Immobile (1,845)
Well, you've done it now... You're finally too fat to move. Just how are you liking it tho...
honey deacon (40)
Male (transgender), Very Pale, Fat (healthy weight), Incredibly Short, Boyish, Mid-length, Wavy,Li...
Your fate at AIR. (7)
It's 12:30 am and I'm bored. Will you live or die?
Pokemon Tf and Weight Gain (787)
This Maker Gives you a pokemon Transformation with a Heavy twist . (warning Massive Sizes and Mild S...
Your Fate Servant’s Class and Stats (182)
Find out what class you Servant and what their stats are.
How would you be as a heroic spirit ? (178)
You can know your origin, servant class, stats, skills and noble phantasm.
Zura (8)
Fate/grand order
How fat are you?? (390)
That nigga (111)
Fat and ugly
Murder City Wheel of Punishment! (81)
Come decide of the fate!
you mum fet test (14)
Ineeddishcarge (1)
Obliterating fat woman in mote than one way
Your Fat Gay and Poor Score (79)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "Fat gay and poor Score...
Your Fat Gay and Stupid Score (86)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "Gay and Fat and Stupid...
Yo mama6 (18)
Is so fat
0 by @Alepos3
Fat and Gay tester (471)
Test it man
how fat are your honkers (465)
are your honkers fat or not
What will your fate hold? (63)
Find out your fate.
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