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What kind of deity are you? (7,349)
This is based on something me and a few friends did.
What does the giant diviner predict of y... (2,058)
You've heard tales of a draconic, fifteen foot-tall fortune teller who divines the future prima...
Your Favorite Pokemon! (1,378)
I will divine!
What are you as an Integrity Knight? (714)
You've been turned into an Integrity Knight! Find out your Synthesis number and your Divine Obj...
Angels (495)
what kind of divine messenger are you?
Your Weapon of Legend (395)
What weapon would you receive from the arsenal of the divines?
Adapter (201)
Divine Gate Element Comptability
Your Cantish Fortune (129)
Your fortune as told by a Cantish diviner! Enter your character's name for a fortune (will chan...
Divine (3)
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