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Who&039;s your Jojo daddy? (12,832)
Find out which JJBA character is your daddy. (2/3/16: added more daddies)
Your New Men&039;s Underwear Generator! (8,908)
Been wanting a new pair of undies to impress the guys at the gym, your mate, or innocent bystanders?...
You vs Team RWBY (4,194)
Versus what? Awesomeness, of course. Who ranks high on the scale of awesomeness? Will it be you, the...
underwear-->Weapon (3,834)
Inspired by PSG..what does your undies turn into?
BAP Secret Garden Body Swap (3,441)
What happens when you swap bodies w a member of BAP?
Who is your Hetalia GF? (3,279)
For those who love the ladies.
How the dads of Dream Daddy see you (2,007)
Have you captured the daddies' hearts, or have they blocked you on Dadbook?
What is your Cybertronian colour scheme? (1,869)
Give or take, most Transformers have around three different colours on their bodies no matter how mi...
Ass or tiddies (1,653)
who is ur bts daddy (1,253)
JYJ Secret Garden Body Swap (1,235)
What happens when you swap bodies w a member of JYJ?
What is your cause of death? (1,211)
Find out how you will die! Such pleasant information, yes?
Fire Emblem Fates Husbands! (880)
Who's your husband going to be? (For the ladies/gay guys)
Kinky Male Undies (870)
What type of underwear on a guy turns you on?
0 by @Zenoxx69
Shingeki no Porn (854)
Underwear Diagnosis (823)
don't self-diagnose what your undies are get the diagnosis here
who in bts is ur daddy (785)
daddies make everyone happy
Fairy Tail Female Love Partner (727)
Find out which of the Fairy Tail ladies would be your perfect match!
Who is your Side-M daddy? (698)
Idol daddies are hot and now you can have one too!
Who Kills Who? Homestcuk Edition (496)
we know everyone dies in homestuck, but who did it, and with what?
Life w/ 2NE1 (476)
Your life with the yg ladies
0 by @jeontrash
DRRR trio (421)
find out what 2 durarara people are your buddies!
Your Hyperdimension Neptunia Waifu (408)
There are a plethora of lovely ladies from the Neptunia series! Which girl will you snag as a waifu,...
Where in the universe do you belong? (377)
heavens bodies swirl around us where are you? exoplanet? nebula? out in the blue?
Romance Generator (365)
For romantic comedies & teen novels, and more
1 Love
What is your favourite pairing in " (317)
Your favourite pairing in The Undies
Your OWL Test Result (189)
Let's see the OWL score of your magical studies!
which wannabe lyric are you (142)
find out which lyric from the Spice Girls's iconic 1996 hit Wannabe embodies you
Which Yo Mama Are You (128)
Includes classics, and news. (does not include Daddies)
Your Character&039;s Fate (116)
See how your character dies, big oof, also this is my first so like, expect nothing really
Who in SexEd is your sex spirit animal (111)
Discover which character of Sex Education embodies your future sexual life
Ladies&039; Code Love (103)
Who will you Kiss Kiss?
Corn Tiddies Simulator (84)
A simulator for a group of crackhead friends!
Ladiez Code marry (84)
Which Lacode mem will you marry with and have kids
alt indiesona (44)
you know who you are. also clothing is geared more towards femme folk. i (personally) am not really ...
nyamtiddies (31)
just take it off now girl
maddies new oc (28)
beautiful and intelligent this website is!
The Blackscar OTPs (26)
Ever wondered who is the ~one~ among your fellow guildies? Find out now!
Tiddies (24)
Anime Tiddies
which middies member do you radiate (18)
which middies member do you radioare
0 by @wavesoIo
Nella (10)
Fat, lazy, blonde hair with light pink edges, wears hoodies, sleeps a lot
Who&039;s your Ladies Code soulmate (9)
Rise Ashley Sojung Eunb or Zuny?
SuperSpitfire101 (9)
Big tiddies
Welcher Larp-Typ bist du? (6)
Nur dieser Test zeigt, wie du wirklich tickst!
Was für ein Typ bist Du? (2)
In dieser wundervollen Applikation wirst Du herausfinden, was für ein Typ Du bist. Yo.
0 Typ
Wraithknight (2)
Deal 3 damage when this unit dies then resummon this unit (silenced)
takashitiddies (1)
Andrew Reiman (0)
Xander dies
0 by @Drews20
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