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Your death (126,440)
Learn about how you will die.
24 by @ThiccCoyote
Your anime death (90,549)
How you would die if you were in an anime.
What is your anime fate? (27,698)
What kind of stereotypical anime affliction will be the end of you?
How will you die? (25,621)
Predicts your death
1 death
What is your power/weapon? (25,585)
What power or weapon do you have? From the ability of flight to the ability shape shifting. From the...
「Death Note」 (24,776)
The human whose name is written into this Shindan will die. Yeah right.
Cause of death generator! (18,302)
How does you're character(or you) die? UPDATED BECAUSE OF POPULARITY, 3/14/18: Choking and suic...
Dying hidden ability (17,605)
Hmmm...if you were able to save yourself from death...how?
Ensemble Stars End (9,636)
It seems like you've passed away...how will the Enstars boys react?
Murdered by an Idol (7,946)
Looks like you've possibly died at the hands of an idol. I wonder what happened... [Warning: co...
How will you die? MSPA stlye! (7,588)
Gives you an MSPA style death! Changes daily!
Death by Touhou (7,450)
How will you die in Gensokyo?
What is your anime death? (7,195)
Find out when you'll die in an anime.
What age will you die? (6,950)
Just the most accurate results out there.
This Is How You Die (6,831)
Your Death Note Quote (6,291)
What quote from Death Note suits you most?
What's the way you die? (5,629)
Probably not this.
Death by Akatsuki Member (5,178)
How and by which Akatsuki member will you die?
Your Roguelike Death (4,737)
Sadly, your journey has come to an end. How the heck did THAT happen? Find out now!
Last words (4,515)
What will your final words be?
Your death in Kamen Rider (4,088)
How will it end for you if you were a villain in tokusatsu?
What is your fate in Danganronpa? (3,973)
You were dragged into a Danganronpa killing game... Did you survive? TW: DEATH AND SUICIDE
your death in granblue fantasy (3,839)
do not play a game called grindblue farmtasy
Which A3! character will beat you to dea... (3,617)
This test will tell you Which A3! character will beat you to death duh
"sorry i died" generator (3,517)
kagerou project: what's your death like
How are you going to be killed (3,506)
This is the way in which your death shall occur
Attack On Death (3,394)
so u do the whole 'dying' thing in snk and
Your Weird Death (3,227)
How will you die?
Your Kagepro eye ability and death! (3,199)
It's 2 AM
Who In Death Note Likes You (3,157)
Random thing to see how this works...
Your JoJo Death (3,024)
How will you meet your demise in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Warning: slightly graphic.
Your Death in Anime (2,792)
When and How you'll die in anime x) More to be added :)
How Your Life Will End (2,608)
Death is a nasty thing... But no one knows how they will die?
What execution will you get in Dangan Ro... (2,468)
How will you die??? (2,383)
Random ways to die.
What is your quest? (2,362)
Maybe find the Holy Grail?
How and where will you die? (2,212)
Read the title.
Battle Royale Death (2,148)
Find out how you die in Battle Royale.
Your overwatch death. (1,997)
How will you die?
epitaph generator (1,962)
You died. SCORE: 0. RESTORE - RESTART - QUIT ? Let's see what's written on your grave...
How you will die? (1,887)
Do you want to know the future? If you will die by natural causes ou by a horrible accident?
Death and Funeral (1,843)
Find out your death, who killed you, the type of funeral and who attended it.
Your Last Words (1,762)
What will your last words be?
Followers on Death (1,709)
How many Twitter followers will you have when you die?
What were your last words? :o (1,656)
because we needed another one of these
What caused your death, and what were yo... (1,577)
Well, title explains it. Wtf is the desc for.
How will you die today? (1,548)
Ever wondered how and if you will die today? Well now here is the answer! Take this and you will be ...
Shingeki no Deaths (1,498)
If you were in the Attack on Titan universe, this is how you would die.
Your final thoughts... (1,400)
¿what would you think before you die?
Who killed you? (Kagepro) (1,369)
You dead.
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