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what is your chinese name? (609)
Good luck
your kpop playlist~✿ (606)
generates a kpop song list for you (includes b-sides, non-korean kpop idol songs and korean produced...
Your Crappy Chinese Takeout Restaurant! (399)
You've always had an admirable dream...to open your very own crappy Chinese takeout resdauran. ...
which 12 chinese zodiac sign is stalking... (338)
which 12 animals sign is really stalking you shall we?
[Fruits Basket] Zodiac Compatibility (308)
With this Shindan you will be able to discover which Fruits Basket character is the most and least c...
Your Chinese characters (Japanese stroke... (207)
3 Characters from 2121 Japanese Kanji (Chinese characters). If you are interested in the characters,...
Your Chinese Element (142)
What element of the Chinese Tradition is your's?
Acil (77)
Pasta, nutella pie, tortillini, chinese chicken
Chinese Daniel (38)
Virgin cunt bitch
what&039;s ur three kingdoms warlord nam... (29)
surname first, then given name. // disclaimer: all these particles are real (manually assembled from...
Qianhui wan (14)
Chinese girl
0 by @510163310
Naufal Ghathfan (2)
I'm an usual boy, chinese boy, little boy
Ffgg (1)
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