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Who would you be in an anime? (173)
Are you the protagonist, the rival, the character the protagonist loves, the best friend, a side cha...
RWBY character generator (63,741)
Tells you your look, weapon and semblance
What is your anime character name? (26,803)
If you were a character, what would your name be?
Touhou Bride (19,829)
Do you have a favorite Touhou character, you wish would be yours forever? Let's find out if your hea...
Cup Sizes! (TMI...) (9,970)
(Based on UK inch system.)yes people. Cup sizes. If you are being an anime character, hope for the b...
SHSLtter (8,910)
If you were a Dangan Ronpa character, you'd be...
Glutton&039;s Weight Gain (3,924)
Enter a character, and they will undergo weight gain due to the unforeseen consequences of their bin...
Alignment Test (3,484)
The sum of character, encapsulated in two words. Generate a Nonstandard Alignment for use in Storyt...
1 by @airpi
OC Situation Creator (3,409)
A Shindan that gives you a situation for your OC (or yourself, a canon character, a real person, etc...
What Kingdom Hearts Char R You (2,640)
kingdom hearts character, includes Final Fantasy and Disney characters.
Fight against your Waifu!? (2,096)
You got into a fight with a character, if you lose, she can claim you!
What Kind of Otome Bachelor Are You? (1,822)
Based off of Otomege Ikemen ShindanMaker. Determines your: Character, Personality, Age, Career/Dream...
Whats Your Anime Hair Color? (1,534)
If you were an anime character, what color would your hair be?
Vore Drabbles Generator (1,472)
Just put in the name of a character, and see what drabble you get! Feel free to use to spark some id...
Touhou fanon/jokes (1,258)
Which Touhou character, according to fanon, are you?
What will you be? (1,187)
Are you the main character, the villain in the last movie? What will be your weapon???
You in Ooo (1,066)
You're an Adventure Time character, and this is your story.
Tales of Mystic Arte (1,050)
If you were Tales Series character, what's your Mystic Arte?
DBZ Super Attack (999)
If you were a Dragon Ball Z character, what would your ultimate move be?
Bloodborne Character, Oath and Death Ran... (976)
Randomizes a character from the pool of available equipment. Oaths are from the covenant runes. Deat...
Inazuma Eleven GO Love (706)
Diagnoses who is your boyfriend from all Inazuma Eleven GO series characters! From the least popular...
What are your RPG Character Stats? (650)
If you were an RPG character, what would your statistics show?
What would your fantasy life be like? (565)
A generator for a fantasy character, or your sona.
Who’s Your Original JJBA Protagonist? (430)
Find out your original character, part, and Stand ability.
Create a Supervillian! (421)
What powers will you have? What are you called? Why do people fear you? Find out! If you decide to d...
What&039;s the title of your leitmotif? (407)
A leitmotif is a recurring piece of music that represents a character, action, or theme. In this cas...
DnD 5e Character Generator (211)
Create a Level 1 Dungeons & Dragons character, with race, class, weapon, armor, inventory, stats...
AU Generator (Remake) (203)
Enter a character, ship, etc, and get an Alternate Universe for inspiration! I wasn't too fond ...
Random Gintama Character (192)
brah. character, random, gintama.
Magical Character (138)
Become you to a magical character! Then draw it and share the result under the hastag #MyMagicalChar...
Random OC thingy (104)
Makes a random OC character, just like the title says
One character scene prompts (75)
Prompts for scenes with only one character, or one major character.
your life as an attack no. 1 character (32)
if you were an attack character, your life would be like...
Your Classic D&D Character. (30)
Your Classic D&D Character, both species, alignment, class and your 6 classic D&D attributes...
Fearful Evening Character Generator (27)
This is your original fighting game character, do not steal.
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