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Fire Emblem Awakening Wife (28)
Who is your FE:A wife?
Reincarnated in Another World! (428)
Run over by a generic Isekai-brand truck, you find yourself awakening in another world, inhabiting ...
FE: Awakening Robin Generator (1,264)
Not sure what to fo for that Fire Emblem Awakening avatar? Punch in a name here and let the shindan ...
Robin Creator (338)
This shindan generates a Fire Emblem: Awakening avatar.
Fire Emblem kiss time (1,528)
Awakening and Fates (for now...)
Your Fire Emblem: Awakening husband ✧*。 (1,411)
Love falls where it falls ~ who will be your precious hero and protector?
Fire Emblem (Fates/Awakening) F/M/K (360)
Who is your Fire Emblem (Fates/Awakening... (1,130)
Who will you S-Rank ? Your Waifu or your sister ?
Your Summoners War Monster Stats v2 (209)
What sort of skills, stats, attributes, awakening bonuses and leader skills would you have if you we...
Your Fire Emblem boyfriend! (4,142)
From FE1 to If and Awakening, there's a lot of boys to choose from! Here, I'll diagnose yo...
Your FE: Awakening Life (2,003)
Nobody get mad, but I know there's a lot of stuff centered around Awakening and some people wan...
What Fire Emblem game you are? (940)
Because there're 14, not only Awakening.
Your Fire Emblem:Awakening Wife (4,034)
Find out who your FEA wife is
Your Fire Emblem:Awakening Husband (2,465)
Find out who your FEA husband is
What Fire Emblem: Awakening Character ar... (2,653)
Diagnose yourself to find out which character you are. (this is completely random)
Who do you marry in Fire Emblem: Awakeni... (4,968)
Who will you marry in FE:A? :O
FE: Awakening Generator (2,076)
My first one of these. Enjoy!
Your Fire Emblem: Awakening life (1,839)
Appearance, marriage, and what happens to you!
FE Awakening Class (1,354)
Find your Fire Emblem Awakening class!
0 Games
Fire Emblem Awakening Waifu (1,468)
Diagnoses your Awakening femmale love!
Fire Emblem: Awakening (1,323)
Your partner and class!
Who is your FE: A waifu? (524)
Who is your Fire Emblem Awakening waifu? Use this and have it chose for you.
you as a fe: awakening unit! (2,200)
are you a level 1 villager or a level 20 grandmaster of disaster?
1 by @maluridae
Fire Emblem Awakening Date♀ (5,419)
How will your anticipated date go...!?
Fire Emblem Awakening Date♂ (6,733)
How will your anticipated date go...!?
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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