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Fire Emblem Awakening Date♂ (6,358)
How will your anticipated date go...!?
Fire Emblem Awakening Date♀ (5,045)
How will your anticipated date go...!?
Who do you marry in Fire Emblem: Awakeni... (4,605)
Who will you marry in FE:A? :O
Your Fire Emblem boyfriend! (3,764)
From FE1 to If and Awakening, there's a lot of boys to choose from! Here, I'll diagnose yo...
Your Fire Emblem:Awakening Wife (3,684)
Find out who your FEA wife is
What Fire Emblem: Awakening Character ar... (2,525)
Diagnose yourself to find out which character you are. (this is completely random)
Your Fire Emblem:Awakening Husband (2,319)
Find out who your FEA husband is
you as a fe: awakening unit! (2,196)
are you a level 1 villager or a level 20 grandmaster of disaster?
1 by @maluridae
FE: Awakening Generator (1,938)
My first one of these. Enjoy!
Your FE: Awakening Life (1,837)
Nobody get mad, but I know there's a lot of stuff centered around Awakening and some people wan...
Your Fire Emblem: Awakening life (1,750)
Appearance, marriage, and what happens to you!
Fire Emblem Awakening Waifu (1,388)
Diagnoses your Awakening femmale love!
Your Fire Emblem: Awakening husband ✧*。 (1,315)
Love falls where it falls ~ who will be your precious hero and protector?
FE Awakening Class (1,305)
Find your Fire Emblem Awakening class!
0 Games
Fire Emblem kiss time (1,289)
Awakening and Fates (for now...)
Fire Emblem: Awakening (1,284)
Your partner and class!
Who is your Fire Emblem (Fates/Awakening... (1,065)
Who will you S-Rank ? Your Waifu or your sister ?
FE: Awakening Robin Generator (907)
Not sure what to fo for that Fire Emblem Awakening avatar? Punch in a name here and let the shindan ...
What Fire Emblem game you are? (864)
Because there're 14, not only Awakening.
Who is your FE: A waifu? (487)
Who is your Fire Emblem Awakening waifu? Use this and have it chose for you.
Fire Emblem (Fates/Awakening) F/M/K (332)
Robin Creator (288)
This shindan generates a Fire Emblem: Awakening avatar.
Your Summoners War Monster Stats v2 (198)
What sort of skills, stats, attributes, awakening bonuses and leader skills would you have if you we...
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