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Mappercast Crush Test. (22)
This exists because brackets asked me to do it, *please help me he enslaved me and i've been fo...
0_askorbinka_0 (1)
Can you fight the pope? (354)
can you fight the pope, an important question asked by many
Fantasy Girl Reincarnation (1,284)
You've died, and a Goddess has reincarnated you as a cute girl of an unknown race, and tasked y...
Hella big balls omeniasticalia (11)
Hella big balls like basketbalsl
0 by @StruanMv
The Magic Conch Shell (208)
Ask it a question!
Should I ask out my crush. (511)
When should you ask them out.
Bypass twitter blocker! (7)
Because there is no content, you can tweet freely on this. And because Twitter is integrated here, i...
0 by @0ctoDoggo
Rask (17)
The vibe check of Rask.
Your Fruits Basket Life (232)
Find out what your life would be like in the world of Fruits Basket
What Phantom Troupe member do you battle... (64)
Let's do a simple task to find out.
[Fruits Basket] Zodiac Compatibility (103)
With this Shindan you will be able to discover which Fruits Basket character is the most and least c...
Asksksksskdkifmlck (4)
Loversation (18)
Mengisahkan tentang kisah cinta dua insan manusia yg saling melengkapi. Namun suatu ketika cintanya ...
Triwizard Champion - Task 1 (43)
it's your first task as a champion candidate. face 3 dragon is not an easy task. can you pass t...
Anime artist (70)
Ask me what do u want her/him to be
I know it’s just a little too much salt ... (48)
I don’t think I’ll get to go home tomorrow night because I’ll probably have a child to sit on my dad...
What is your government assigned Cryptid... (164)
This will randomly generate one of my ocs to kin assign to you! If you don't know about who you...
Which Deos oc is your government assigne... (48)
This will randomly generate one of my ocs to kin assign to you! If you don’t know who they are, then...
Flor (4)
LMAOOOOOO I never know what’s going on and at this point I’m too afraid to ask
0 by @Flowisel
Random Shindan girl maker! (114)
Special for Ask Shindangirl
1 by @HangariAw
Gaska Generator (17)
See who you would be in the Voyager universe!
0 by @luckfoser
Boegle (2)
Horny Nigga Laundry Basket
Dewa Baskara (1)
Behavior Analysis
Masked moon (6)
I'd rather sleep
Testkaskejcjeiskdkeixdjwksvc (5)
I’m just trying to figure out how this works
Kevin’s Stats (1)
Ummm don’t ask
How bts would ask you out! (179)
feeling soft
0 Love by @BFJlN
What kind of NBA player are you? (83)
Do you wanna know what if you played in the NBA
IdkWhatYoureAsking (23)
She’s got big ol tibbies with purple hair
your government assigned Fruits Basket k... (142)
find your true furuba kin.... result changes daily
patrick question generator (30)
hey ben can i ask you a question
0 by @sleepsuya
GasmaskMun (11)
Marry Kiss Kill, Hat edition (39)
Marry, kiss or kill? If you want any hats to be removed just ask!
0 by @Obeaha
Your Hat Husband (19)
Which Hat is your husband, if you want any hats taken out of the options just ask!
0 by @Obeaha
Your ghoul counterpart (121)
Have you always asked yourself "how tf would be my ghoulsona?" here is your answer you wee...
Yeah, this is how you meet a random stranger and ask them out. So yes.
Johnny&039;s West Asks You Out (96)
Johnny's West, the crackheads of JE, ask you out!
Which UtaPri character are you? (640)
Set up a poll and ask your followers!
Friend/Bang/Foe: Iron Leaguer (40)
Because I saw an askmeme on Tumblr and I felt like it. ...I've put almost everyone in it.
Laskssjsj (0)
Rick (0)
8-ball (55)
Ask your question in the username.
Fate Grand Order male Confession! (5,034)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favour...
Fate Grand Order Female Confession! (19,227)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favou...
How big is your dick (299)
Asking the real questions
choose your fighter (120)
just a character randomizer says "nationality" although, i did put in alaskan & hawai...
Your Fate Servant stats (2,788)
I ask of you: are you my Servant?
Chopped Basket Generator (100)
Alright chefs, open your basket...
Your Daily OC Question! (8,472)
A generator that will ask you a new OC question every day! Input your name and you'll be given ...
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