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What’s your true position? (575,251)
The highest result is your true (bedroom) position
Personality Alignment- cursed edition (414,795)
find out how cursed, uwu, soft, horny, feral, baby, chaotic and stupid you are
Curse Level (28,790)
Diagnose your cursed power.
top/bottom alignment scale generator thi... (99,995)
this is a gays only event cishetties go home
9 by @vampys
Complete Fate Servant Generator (80,855)
This Shindan tells you what kind of servant are you in Fate series. It includes: 1. Class 2. Alignm...
Which Alignment Do You Belong To? (30,771)
Lawful and chaotic, & good, neutral, and evil, which one will you go to?!
~What is Your Alignment?~ (26,807)
Are you chaotic good? Or neutral evil? Find out here!
clown alignment chart (24,046)
how clown are you?
your cinnamon roll stats (14,043)
cinnamon roll... or sinnamon roll? ;-)
energy alignment (12,868)
let’s see what kind of energy that you got
7 deadly sins (9,922)
What are your deadliest sins?
Servant Class, Status, and Alignment (8,231)
Your Class, Status, and Alignment as a Servant
personality alignment: revived (7,110)
how stupid, horny, feral, clown, cursed, and baby are you results are different from original
Fate/Alignment (6,750)
Find your Alignment!!!
Alignment Percentage (6,132)
Find the breakdown of your alignment
What is your alignment? (5,456)
as the title says
Boomer Alignment (5,048)
ok boomer
what type of girl are you (4,038)
much love xx
Alignment (3,796)
Dungeons and Dragons-style alignments.
Alignment Test (3,558)
The sum of character, encapsulated in two words. Generate a Nonstandard Alignment for use in Storyt...
1 by @airpi
Character Generator - Personality 1 (3,407)
Check out other Character Generators! Personality one has sense of humor, intelligence, and alignmen...
Personality Alignment Chart (3,329)
An alignment chart for your personality
your Tokyo Ghoul life! (3,071)
Find out your species, (if ghoul) kagune type, your alignment, best friend, rival, crush, lover, and...
FGO Servant Card Generator (2,842)
"Yorokobe, shonen." Generates your class, rarity, alignment, cards, NP card, stats, 3 serv...
your nct ot21 energy alignment (2,686)
what hellish combination of ot21 are you??
bitch/baby/bastard calculator (2,581)
what percent baby, bitch, and bastard are u?
Your stats in Love Live! School Idol Fes... (2,468)
Find out your rarity, alignment, and appeal!
Yet another damn RPG Shindan (2,348)
Find your class, level and alignment!
your personality alignment (2,139)
Chaotic, babey, gay, thot, asshole, or dumbass?
Your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Alignment (2,053)
Which house would you belong to in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?
Mass Effect Character Generator (1,984)
A Mass Effect character generator that generates a species, class, birthplace, and Paragon/Renegade ...
your alignment? (1,923)
there is that funnypicture with the continuum of griffin mcelroy to john mulaney with bdg & shan...
Alignmentter (1,784)
What's your alignment?
Twitter alignment (1,627)
Discover who's side you are truly on in this fucked up twitter world (enter twitter username)
What is the Element your soul controls? (1,424)
Everyone's soul has a little bit of magic. What element would your soul be drawn to the most?
SBURB Player Data Generator (1,408)
Generates a title, planet, denizen, consort species and dream alignment.
what&039;s ur lesbian alignment (1,370)
are you the true futch? lawful butch? chaotic femme?
Personality Alignment Test (1,194)
Who are you, really?
0    by @yarglr
Personality Alignment bitch (1,144)
see how baby, feral, cursed, clown, or stupid you are!
Char. gen. (1,108)
Creates a character with a weapon, element, alignment, and character class.
14U Personality Alignment (1,054)
<3 I love OnlyU
which trope are you? (1,019)
kin assigns u popular fic trope
Your Alignment (915)
lawful, neutral, or chaotic
What’s your meme alignment? (865)
i’m mr sterling EVERYTHING
alignment, how soft are u? (809)
testing your energy
what alignment are you (805)
Can this guess your D and D Alignment? (793)
What alignment would you hold in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons?
pentagon member alignment chart (776)
your ptg member alignment
Alignment Finder (709)
It categorizes you into an alignment, which are often used in D&D.
Arcana Character Alignment (693)
Take this information however you want. Could it be How similar you are to each character? Could it ...
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