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Kemono/Bara Furry Weekend. (4,827)
What adventures await you this weekend?
Pokemon Adventure? (2,944)
This was longer, but I had to cut it down bc there wasn't enough room. >:(
The Adventures of You and your Bara Boyf... (2,741)
How you met you bara boyfriend and what you did from there~
Anime Conetter (2,724)
Your adventures at an anime convention!
0 anime
What will you dream of (1,977)
The night brings adventures in dreams
Your Yaoi Anime Life! (1,610)
Generates an appearance, personality and boyfriend for your new adventures as a yaoi anime protagoni...
My Furry Vore Adventure (1,162)
If You Get Eaten or Someone Gets Eaten By You, You Might Just Get In Hunger or Someone Get In Hunger...
Your Yuri Anime Life! (1,078)
Generates an appearance, personality and girlfriend for your new adventures as a yuri anime protagon...
Adventures in Shindan Prison (510)
Blast, you've been caught by the shindan police, and thrown into prison! But the mischief doesn...
Bangtan Adventures with TLIST (415)
0 by @BTS_tit
IKEA adventures! (388)
Hit that perfect meatball
Charity shop adventures (165)
What did you buy in the thrift/charity shop?
Adventures in the Bitlands (154)
toast and erp and whatnot
1 by @sock_txt
Animal Crossing New Horizons Village Gen... (94)
What will happen during your adventures in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Enter your name and find ou...
Hella Funtime Adventures! (88)
personwhodrew's hella funtime adventures. who are your companions?
Vrutal Pirate Adventure (80)
The awesome adventures in the ocean.
Monster Petrification (77)
Your adventures came to an abrupt and stony end. What monster did you encounter?
1 by @Brad_Ry
Samson adventures (76)
go with Samson on an adventure!
This alien (63)
Im just confident in myself and my sense of creativity
Cancer Crew Story Time! (51)
You've recently joined the Cancer Crew oh the magical adventures are about to unfold! Anything ...
are you a good legend adventures mod (8)
The Misadventures of Bree Ford (0)
What the tin says.
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