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Pretty Cure OC/Sona Generator (688)
makes a completely original pretty cure character! to note, the available cure names were based off...
Yokai Character Maker (7,396)
Now you can make your own yokai character with spiritual powers!
Yokai Watch Character Generator (2,901)
somethin i made to pass time. tell me if there are any bugs
1 Games
What Type of Youkai Are You? (1,433)
Ever wondered what kind of Japanese Supernatural Creature are you? Your name is the key.
Which yokai gives you your yokai watch ? (743)
Which yokai will haunt you and become your butler ?
Which mythical being are you? (Japanese ... (429)
Demons, ghosts, ghouls, mythical beasts or folk deities - which yokai are you?
Yokai Generator (346)
Inspired by the stranger demons found in folklore. What spirit, beast or object is haunting you?
who is your Yokai Husbando/Waifu (YW2) (180)
YW3 is coming soon
who is your Yokai watch Husbando/waifu (... (161)
(I'll make one for YW2 and YW3 later on)
Draw Yo-Kai By Memory! (All Games Versio... (152)
Gives you random Yo-kai to draw by memory! (Includes YW1, YW2, and YW3 yo-kai)
Draw Yo-Kai By Memory! (YW1 version) (119)
Gives you random Yo-kai to draw by memory! (YW1 Yo-kai only)
Yokai (78)
Ren will be yokai
Yo-kai Maker (75)
Make a Yo-kai from Yo-kia Watch [S-ranks only]
Gerador de Yokais (5)
Um gerador de yokais para saber como você seria yokai
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