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twst oc fun (43)
i made this to celebrate a milestone, soooo 🤝 have fun! oc/yumejo/canon friendly, do whatever u want
Among us sona/OC generator (695)
Make a among us sona! Includes color, job, suit type, and what you usually are! (Crewmate/impostor)
become a pokemon (42)
what type are you?
Your Dessert Gijinka (33)
Ever wondered what you would be as a dessert? Probably not, but here's your results anyway!
What Enhypen members would be if you stu... (126)
Have you ever thought what it would be like to study with Enhypen members? What would each one be fo...
Your magical Girl Life! (44)
Ever wondered what you would be as a magical girl? Well wonder no more!
the ancient magus bride (43)
what creature are you human sleighbeggie elf silkie torn child mage
Dating Profile (117)
What does your dating profile look like? And what do people have to say about you?
Hero Stats (169)
Tried making a stat thing for heroes, let me know what I can add!
Your Algebralien-sona (19)
cuz why not ¯_(ツ)_/¯ if you don't know what is algebralien go look here https://battlefordrea...
How much of your body is made of horse c... (121)
Find out what percentage of your meat prison is horse cum
0 by @Lunifae1
What would your Ral Men Company name be? (28)
Find out your name if you were a Ral man company
What would be your signature Pokémon? (152)
Find out about which Pokémon would be your signature Pokémon. Who knows it'd probably be Mew!
What monokuma are you (92)
It tells you what kind of monokuma unit you would be in the DR universe
what crescentclan clan are you? (16)
shows what clan in crescentclan you live in
State Checker (34)
This machine knows exactly what state you are in with 100% accuracy.
What type of The Doctor you are? (34)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "What type of The Docto...
What type of Doctor Who you are? (15)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 1-14 to generate the user's "What type of Doctor Who...
What type of The Doctor You Are (8)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 1-14 to generate the user's "What type of The Doctor...
Goblin Girl vTuber Generator (86)
What kind of trashy goblin vtuber are you~?
Advanced Alchemy! (136)
That last alchemist sucked. All his potions did was cause limp dicks and itchy butts. Let's try...
Yourself as a LLAS Card (926)
Have you ever wondered what your stats would be if you were a LLAS UR Card?
Which Stray Kids ship is your soul mate? (14)
What combination of two Stray Kids members is your soul mate?
Yeah ❤️ (18)
Your Danganronpa Stats (621)
Hope and despair. Truth and lies. And also... future. How filled with hope are you? And how much do ...
The Realest (60)
I need to figure out what my account says about me.
Tyranno (4)
What is this
Daily Skullgirls Practice (25)
Who and what to practice in your Skullgirls sessions. This can be used to stop the routines of train...
Your Fursona! (87)
Having trouble making a fursona? Well guess what look what u found, a fursona generator that's ...
What Mitski Song are You? (10)
I love Mitski, that's it
TF mood of the day (44)
See what your TF of the day is.
roofid (2)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
0 by @roofid11
What Yungblud Song Are You (4)
what YB song would you be?!
0 by @ameliabhc
What kind of VRChatter are you? (98)
Find out what kind of VRChat user you are.
What&039;s your Stretchsona? (530)
Find out what kind of stretchy character you'd be!
Owosso (4)
Idk what to text here.
0 by @NotPloZx
Whats your main weapon (293)
What is the main weapon you would use if you were a character in a game, show, movie or other media
I dont know what a****im doin (11)
I still dont know
What it is (1)
0 by @iamtyg_
What type of Hoshiko fan are you? (6)
Diagnose yourself to see what type of Hoshiko fan you are!
What kind of plant are you? (515)
what kind of plant are you??
Idk what this is for (5)
Yeah I’m the hokage but you can call me daddy
Bol&039;s OC Wacky Wheel (71)
spin the wacky wheel and see what funny character it creates!
E-Girl/E-Boy status (MATURE) (107)
what kinda e-person are you?
what is ur vibe (99)
[Nsfw] You had sex with a monster (1,545)
What did you****and what’s the aftermath
What&039;s your horny claim to fame? {NS... (148)
Wanna find out?
What is your real name (68)
what is your real name?
0 by @yelloyi_
What is title for (38)
Me is painter and love to doing some art in my daily life
What kind of bitch are you? (156)
Everyone's a bitch, but make it a buzzfeed quiz-
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