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Whats your type? (427,575)
What type of person are you into?
whats your height? (4,963)
height based on name
「Your Stand」 (807,050)
What is your JoJo stand? (includes chart :^)
What are your stats as a waifu? (557,371)
How good of a waifu are you? Take this shindan to find out!
How THICC are you?!? (305,916)
What percentage of thicc are you
Which anime character makes you horny (12,105)
This diagnosis will tell you what anime character you simp for
My Hero Academia Quirk (886,685)
What's your quirk?
What’s your true position? (580,816)
The highest result is your true (bedroom) position
What are your stats as a husbando? (168,106)
Heavily inspired by @polypholly's "What are your stats as a waifu?" but for...husban...
Seven Sins (212,117)
What is your biggest sin? (Values range from 1 to 10)
What&039;s your role in bed? (143,504)
Your Color (Pantone) (239,668)
What color represents you? | https://www.pantone.com/color-finder | This is getting so popular, than...
True Gender (183,313)
Are you TRULY sure what your gender is?
Hot! 47
Your Core Aesthetic (455,313)
Which one are you? Lots of aesthetic possibilities. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but if...
What’s your energy? (398,205)
What energy do you radiate? (Some are NSFW)
what your demon version looks like (123,816)
this is you as demon
Magical girl generator (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 (280,322)
What would you look like if you were a magical girl!!!!!! pls tag me in drawings of your mahou shou...
You're the Protagonist (189,780)
What is your show about?
What is your magic ability? (109,251)
Find out what your secret abilities are due to your name!
What kind of college student are you? (412)
Figure out what kind of college student you are. :(
What’s your aesthetic (96,596)
What magic do you use? (83,202)
What kind of magic would you use if you were in an RPG?
What's YOUR God/Goddess Power? (136,453)
What do you control as a god? Find out!
Your Ideal Type (210,888)
What is your ideal type?
Hot! 65
what kind of magical witch are you? (113,267)
which witch is which?
What’s your UwU power level? (44,162)
Find out your UwU power level
What animal/girl hybrid would you **** ... (128)
what animalgirl would you****
Your Boku no Hero Academia Character! (128,333)
What would your life be like in Boku no Hero Academia?
☠what kind of ghost are you?☠ (60,816)
what&039;s your compatibility with nct d... (58,996)
You are now a Monster Girl! (168,938)
Reincarnation? Transportation to another world? Whatever the case, it seems your body now looks only...
whats ur a/b/o status/scent (163,395)
i am NOT a furry this is just fun a nd jokes I SWEAR IN MY LIFE JUST LAUGHS
whats your position (134,825)
are you a top... bottom......... or.. something else
Demon Slayer Breathing Style (6,550)
Find out what your breathing style is.
What are your Kinks? [NSFW] (42,443)
Kinks Galore!~ [Enjoy a kink generator without the more sensitive kinks like Age-play, non-con, etc....
Demon Slayer OC Creator (97,731)
What kind of swordsmen will you be if you were in demon slayer? Give this a go and find out!
Random OC Generator [somewhat-specific] (52,345)
Includes -Age -Gender -Race/Species -Ethnicity -Sexuality -Hair Color -Eye Color -Height & We...
What is your Avatar element? (34,598)
Bender, what bender? Where bender? Why bender?
Shining Live Gacha Simulator (668)
Wondering what the next gacha pair will be? Will best boy come home? Find out here!
Your EXO Housewarming Party (22)
What will happen at your EXO Housewarming Party?
Waifu meter (446,953)
What percentage are you a Waifu?
Hot! 70 waifu
What is your lolicon level? (48,573)
Test how big of a perverted lolicon you are!
Your soul colour. (Undertale) (13,457)
What is your soul colour?
Knocked Up [NSFW] (4,799)
You're due soon~ But with what? And how many??
What&039;s your government assigned kin? (153,826)
get your kins here
Troll Name Generator (109,779)
What's your Troll name?
shipping nsfw prompts (48,104)
what the title says
~What is Your Alignment?~ (27,089)
Are you chaotic good? Or neutral evil? Find out here!
Sonic OC Generator (25,015)
Live and learn! What your Sonic OC is. (includes chart :^)
RPG Character Stats Generator (20,158)
what will you be like as an RPG Character? find out!
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