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can you eat a fortnite (166)
do you want eat the fort tight in russia?
miley (8)
crazy, weird, funny
Your own very weird encounter with GOT7 (242)
By very weird I mean so weird the results will probably make you wonder why I'm not in a psych ...
OofMyster (42)
Funny, crazy, weird, strange
What kind of weird are you (446)
describes how pepega your brain is
Melani (3)
Being stupid and act weird
brooke’s diagnosis (6)
this girls weird diagnosis
WeirdSlime (8)
no , never go away haha you idot. Fine I am 9 years old.
Aberrant Creature Maker (77)
makes weird quasi-poetic creatures. CWs for body horror and blood and whatnot
Facebook Targeted Shirt Generator (50)
Randomly Generate Yourself A Weirdly Targeted Facebook Shirt
Weird and Wild Reality Shifts (381)
After discovering a small bubble of energy, you curiously walk through it, unaware that the bubble&#...
Allybean (2)
Cute outgoing artist kind funny weird nervous
Ruby4weird (5)
Ya so. Im ruby....
Notanoalperson (1)
# Iamweird
your new imas AS ship (27)
note: i am not responsible for weird pairings resulting from this. if you don't like it, reroll...
Crack shipping story teller (76)
Multi fandom shipper!! From not chaotic to EXTREMEMLY chaotic these ships can get WEIRD
Who is your Danganronpa Husband (591)
Find out who your Danganronpa husband is! featuring characters from all of the games and Danganronpa...
Who is your Danganronpa Wife (312)
Find out who your Danganronpa wife is uwu Characters from all 4 games and Danganronpa 3! Except for...
Weird (32)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "XX Score."
Your Outfit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf... (173)
Make an outfit in ACNL. This will probably come up with some weird stuff. Also, some headgear items ...
Which group becomes Fiona&039;s friend g... (23)
The title is weirdly worded, but i hope you like this and that you're doing amazing!!
who is your treasure13 soulmate? (137)
i have the power of the god and anime on my side *weird hand motions*
Palu&039;s Life (25)
Tbh i had fun making this and it sounds like a weird telenovela. Also I used VAV's stage names ...
Weirdosss (4)
I don't kn what to do
Drag King (10)
Idkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (24)
Idk this either
as u wish (21)
iM wEiRd
Your Love Nikki Life (40)
Ever wondered what life in Miraland would be like? Well, here's a Shindan to help you find out!
helpful (8)
nice weird lol
0 by @vSpectrxi
Sherry Abuse (129)
What will sherry do to you! [Contains a LOT of weird kink stuff! Farts included! you've been wa...
Knowing the inner work of a hero! NSFW (793)
You've been thrown into a random place. And as you shake off the dizziness, you look up and see...
On a date with NCT (1,284)
You're on a date with a NCT member, but weird stuff happens.
Living with NCT (1,273)
What would living with NCT (OT21) be like? Weird or weird?
Party hard with Stray Kids (1,225)
Oof well have a weird party with the boys from Stray Kids!
Party hard with NCT (1,197)
Have a party with NCT!~ (Caution: VERY weird stuff ahead!)
Bipolar (43)
I’m weird
KillShit (3)
Hippie movie with a budget Weird af
Katsu (1)
Katsu is a weirdo
Weird describrion (19)
I’d you can guess my kind of personality
Ybou (0)
Bethty (0)
Fonzie (0)
Axolotl (65)
Artistic, weird, funny, dead inside, stupid, mean
0 by @djskfkscj
mediszn (0)
0 Love by @mediszn
EXO as your roommates (67)
well 3.0 weirdly specific again, so, viewer discretion is advised
China (1)
madeline22x (0)
short weird very stupid
what weird thrift find are u? (257)
for all your curiousities
Rena&039;s Desc (0)
Weird,Funny,a loner (?)
EXO as your Instagram mutuals (106)
well 2.0 eh, weirdly specific, so if you feel violated then just don't do this ahisijjdid
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