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How much you fap? (100,292)
Just for boys, obviously.
How you got fat (20,635)
How fat have you gotten and why
The Furry Transformation Collar (57,872)
You find a collar in the mail with your name on it. Why don't you try it on?
Life in Danganronpa V3 (6,441)
You wake up in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and soon after, you are forced to participa...
How obese will you get and why? (42,368)
Yet another generator that describes how awfully fat your character has gotten and how they ended up...
Your followers (56,680)
Ever wondered why people follow you? Maybe this shindan can give you the reason why!
How fat have you become? (40,115)
How fat have you become and why?
your weeb name (39,990)
you're weeb af and there's no going back so why not screw yourself up even more
What is your Avatar element? (36,967)
Bender, what bender? Where bender? Why bender?
nct life cause why not (36,868)
im bored
12 nct kpop by @17MOODZ
Why people REALLY like you (28,287)
Find out here
Aesthetic name generator (26,672)
Made it because why not! Colors are aesthetic and so is nature! This is my first shinda;;
Deadly Sins (16,896)
Find out which sin you are and why.
Why You're Alone (16,399)
Find out why you're oh-so-alone...
Morning with Kurobasu (16,251)
Why are you in my bed?
How fat have you become? (large edition) (15,585)
How fat have you become and why?
How Much Do People Hate You? (13,881)
How're they planning on killing you and why?
1 by @Mach2Bat
Do you have the potential to be a meme? (13,769)
Will you be the next meme? Find out here, on the "Humans Like to Sin" shindan!
How you will wipe your FFXIV party (9,999)
Find out why everyone's yelling in the Discord.
seventeen life cause why not (9,817)
inspired by my other nct one
yet another Ship AU/Prompt shindan (8,469)
Why yes, it's another one. Put in a ship & get a random prompt, AU, or quote! A lot of thes...
14 by @yosukecchi
How fat have you become? (small size) (8,420)
How fat have you become and why?
Your Hyper Furry growth (8,214)
This diagnosis will tell you what furry you will become, how big you will grow and why . Includes: s...
What is your LOVE? (6,377)
No one made this yet so why not? LOVE is from Undertale btw. NOTHING TO WITH ROMANCE!
your night with exo (5,304)
idek why i am doin this
what should you ship today and why (includes japanese adjectives for maximum enjoyment)
What do others hate about you? (4,780)
Why do people hate you?
What type of Pokemon are you? (4,626)
woaaaah! why do i keep making these? who knows
Monster person generator! (4,276)
because why not? [changes daily]
What were you arrested for? (4,221)
Why were you arrested?
who in stray kids should you date (3,929)
bc why not theyre all adorable
How Big Will You Get? (3,896)
How big will you get, and why
What&039;s your Super Saiyan level (3,856)
What level of Super Saiyan can you reach and why 8D
Age Regression Generator (3,755)
Oh no! You're stricken by a sudden rejuvenation. By how much and how it happened, and why enter...
Your Anime Life (◕‿◕✿) (3,698)
Why live a normal life when you can live a normal anime life?
Horror Anime Scenario! (3,547)
Your horror anime scenario. Who, what, when, where and why.
You Died (3,436)
Let's see why you die
Assassination Classroom Enrollment (3,385)
Input a name to find out why you entered Class E and what methods you use against Korosensei.
pokesona generator (3,312)
cause why not right ?? includes level, type, ability, nature and secondary trait! (THIS IS PRETTY MU...
you and got7 (3,279)
why i do this
Why you are cute! (3,035)
Find out why you're cute! Version 2: Its nicer!
Marry U SuJu (3,010)
The reason why do you want to marry SuJu oppa.
Why people like you (2,904)
Find out here
Your Dragon Age Life (2,876)
Why is this necessary you make ask? WHY NOT!
Why am I so dumb (2,848)
Very dumb
What Does Fukurodani Think Of You? (2,727)
what do they think of you.. why is barely anyone in fukurodani
Fatfur Stats (2,691)
Find out the true stats of your favorite fatfur. Cuz why not. (please send help)
top/bottom/switch and why (2,525)
do not take anything here seriously...im on crack, constantly!
Who and why did a BTS member kill you? (2,520)
A BTS member has killed you.
Monmusu Waifu(s)! (2,505)
Why not more than one?
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