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how would you fight wayv (96)
what would happen if you decided to fight wayv
your relationship with wayv (66)
kpop song recommendation (118)
i just like these songs a lot (wayv included!!)
Which NCT/WayV member is your soulmate? (637)
Who is your soulmate?
whose energy do you have: nct/wayv versi... (6,777)
another oneee
0 by @elitjeno
who in nct/wayv will smack you in the fa... (4,436)
lmao im bored
0 by @elitjeno
who in nct/wayv you would fight (6,149)
nct and wayv as ur twt oomfs (983)
nct and wayv on stan twt :D
who is ur nct/wayv bff (1,264)
ur bff is best boy, that's for sure
nct coffee shop au (1,588)
you're all coworkers at a coffee shop.
the apocalypse with nct (913)
u and nct in a nuclear bunker....
kpop suburban bake sale feud (170)
you too can imagine your life as a suburban house spouse in a mortal feud. bts nct txt loona twice w...
ur Romantic kpop story (8,623)
it's the romantic era b we goin 19th century. nct wayv bts loona twice shinee itzy txt
Which NCT/wayV member will be your roomm... (503)
If you were going to have an NCT/wayV roommate who would it be?
Your life with WAYV.
Who is your WayV Bias? (367)
Which member chooses you?
which nct subunit are u? (1,666)
127: 10 dreamies: 10 wayv: 0 nct u: 10 congratulations, ur mark lee
your nct ot21 energy alignment (2,667)
what hellish combination of ot21 are you??
Any Female Born After 1993 (383)
Any Female Born After 1993 Can’t Cook, All They Know Is McDonald’s, Charge Their Phone, Twerk, Be Bi...
1    by @ythvsns
nct astrology 💫 (15,586)
your astrology placements but as nct members!!
Your relation with kpop maknae&039;s (5,232)
groups included: - nct (127/u/dream) - bts - txt - exo - red velvet - backpink - stray kids - twice ...
wayv - who is your soulmate? (22,750)
well i’m bored :(
whos your wayv bf (5,556)
oof stream wakey wakey and stan wayv
your WAYV compatibility! (25,012)
what's your compatibility with wayv?? let's find out!
WAYV ENERGY (21,785)
which wayv member's energy do you have?
Who is WAYV to you? (1,103)
How do the WAYV members know you?
2 by @LevinLyra
NCT Life (ot21) (11,535)
NCT life (or almost) with you
NCT and You (ot21) (10,055)
random stuff with you and nct members!
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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